Netflix is a titan of the streaming world, and its large content library includes some of the best movies and TV shows available to stream. But Netflix's user interface is designed to get you watching fast, not to encourage you to browse lots of titles. Worse yet, Netflix doesn't tell you when titles are leaving or coming to its library. That's why we made Flixable.

Flixable is a Netflix search engine that puts more information at your fingertips. Want to know if a title is leaving Netflix soon? Flixable can do that. Want to know how audiences and critics liked the film? Flixable can do that, too. Want to search by genre? Browse other countries' Netflix catalogs? Browse by a range of release dates? Check, check, and check.

It's pretty powerful stuff, and this is an exciting moment for the Cordcutting.com family of sites, which Flixable has been a part of since its launch last week. And we're not done innovating yet. Keep your eye on our sites for more developments in the weeks and months to come!