Per a report in Variety, Roku is about to blur the lines between its entertainment platform and the subscription apps that platform supports. Roku is reportedly working on a subscription marketplace similar to Amazon's “Channels” system, in which Roku users will be able to sign up and pay for premium channels and other subscription services using Roku as a middleman.

Per Variety's report, Roku users won't even have to download fresh apps for their multiple subscriptions. Instead, the content will be integrated into one umbrella channel.

Such a change would be a big one for Roku, which has long presented itself as the most app-agnostic of the major streaming devices. Roku has cut deals with specific streaming services to put shortcut buttons on its remote controls and to house movie purchase and rental options in its main menu (rather than within apps), but this would give Roku by far its closest relationship ever with the individual streaming services that its platform supports.