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Sling TV Channel List

Sling TV is expanding their lineup of sports channels by bringing NBC regional sports networks to select markets. NBC-owned properties CSN California, CSN Bay Area, CSN Chicago, and CSN Mid-Atlantic will be arriving soon on Sling TV's Sling Blue package. The price of Sling Blue will stay put at $25/month.

The regional networks will give fans in their respective local markets access to sports programming and live games from three of the United States' four major leagues: MLB, the NBA, and the NHL.

Since the channels are included in Sling TV's $25/month Sling Blue base package, Sling TV is now the cheapest way to get access to any of these channels.

The new networks will be live on Sling TV before April 2. Why April 2? Because that's Major League Baseball's opening day. The new networks will give Sling TV coverage to local fans of the Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Oakland A's, and San Francisco Giants (CSN Mid-Atlantic does not have a deal with an MLB team right now – sorry, Orioles and Nationals fans).

Streaming options are getting better and better for baseball fans. MLB fans already enjoyed the best sports streaming service in existence, and reports indicate that Facebook is trying to get a deal in place to stream some games – something its competitor Twitter has already done.

For more tips on following baseball this season, check out our complete guide to watching MLB baseball without cable.

One thought on “Sling TV Adds NBC Sports Regional Networks

  1. Jt says:

    My Sling cycles between losing and receiving the NBC Sports net in Chicago. This makes it unwatchable. The Fire Stick was replaced once for this reason. Have you guys heard of this or possibly an idea or solution to fix it?

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