It's good to be Netflix these days. Last week we told you that Netflix's viewers are expected to outnumber those of the major networks by the end of the year. Now a new consumer survey has arrived with even more good news.

The survey was analyzed by iModerate and Luminoso, and it shows just how dominant Netflix is in the streaming market. A massive 36% of homes in the United States use Netflix, which is more than double the amount that use any of Netflix's competitors. Second place went to Amazon Prime Instant Video, with 13%; Hulu Plus netted just 6.5%.

The survey also helped reveal just why Netflix is so popular. A strong brand identity is a big part of Netflix's success – consumers showed a tendency to use the phrase “watching Netflix” (rather than saying they watched a specific show).

Netflix's competitors struggle with their own identities. Consumers view Hulu as primarily hosting television content (even though Hulu offers movies as well). Viewers also struggled to identify Amazon Prime Instant Video, conflating it with the connected Amazon Prime service (which includes perks like free shipping on and generally not identifying it as a streaming brand as readily as they did for Netflix.

h/t USA Today