According to a new report, President-elect Donald Trump is preparing to make major changes at the FCC. His incoming administration plans to strip the FCC of “duplicative” powers, including the ones that give the agency its regulatory muscle.

The scoop comes from Multichannel, which cites sources familiar with a meeting between Trump and his FCC transition team.

The plan Trump chose was the one supported by the majority of his FCC transition team. Under the Trump plan, the FCC would undergo some serious restructuring to “better reflect the convergence of the digital age.” Once that's finished, Trump's team will move to strip the FCC of powers that they see as redundant.

Those powers include regulatory powers that many Republicans feel should either belong solely to the FTC or should not exist at all. In fact, a lot of what the FCC does could theoretically be moved to other agencies – which is why some have described this plan as one to eliminate the agency altogether. Trump's team says that's not the case, saying the FCC will merely become more “streamlined.”

A competing minority proposal, which would have kept more FCC powers and better protected net neutrality, was rejected.