The biggest new thing on Hulu is “nothing.”

Every episode of the Seinfeld, the iconic “show about nothing,” is now available on Hulu's premium streaming service, Hulu Plus. That's all 9 seasons, including all of your must-see puffy shirt, Soup Nazi, and Keith Hernandez moments. Giddy-up!

If merely watching the show isn't enough for you, Hulu is promoting the arrival of Seinfeld with a very pop-up installation in New York City: a detailed replica of Jerry Seinfeld's famous Upper West Side apartment. Just be sure to enter suddenly while holding a bowl of cereal.

Seinfeld was groundbreaking for its time, finding humor in the sort everyday of micro-occurrences that had been largely ignored by prior sitcoms. Featuring Jerry Seinfeld's stand-up as lead-off and send-off segments and a fictionalized version of his New York life as the subject, Seinfeld became a monster hit and ran for nine seasons. Its influence is still obvious in many modern shows (for you kids out there, Louie is in many ways an updated version of Seinfeld).

But while many other shows made their way to online streaming services, Seinfeld remained inaccessible to cord cutters – until now. It's a major coup for Hulu, and one that the company hopes will help them catch up to Netflix. “Nothing” might turn out to mean quite a lot in the Hulu/Netflix streaming wars!