Google’s new 4K-capable Chromecast went from rumor to reality some time ago, and it’s expected to be officially released at Google’s October 4 hardware event. Now, thanks to Venture Beat, we have our first images of the new device.

If Venture Beat’s leak is to be believed, the new Chromecast will look a lot like the old one. The new model retains the disc shape first used in the second generation of Chromecast devices, though it drops the Chromecast logo for the parent company’s signature G.

Other details of the device have been previously confirmed. Thanks to previous reports, we know that the device will be marketed as the Chromecast Ultra, that it will cost $69, and, of course, that it will be capable of streaming content in 4K Ultra HD.

The Chromecast isn’t the only streaming device getting a fall hardware upgrade (in fact, it’s not even the only one being branded as “Ultra”) – it will compete with a new line of Rokusa new Fire TV stick, and possibly even a new full-sized Fire TV.