Nobody Was Allowed to Stream the Golden Globes

Nobody Was Allowed to Stream the Golden Globes

If you tried to stream the Golden Globes last night, you probably saw a message that said something like: “This program is unavailable.”

The problem? NBC didn’t manage to secure streaming rights to the awards show, and therefore kept its coverage strictly to traditional pay TV (and free over-the-air TV, of course). That meant skinny bundle subscribers were out of luck, as were those who hoped to see a live stream running NBC’s web site.

NBC set themselves up for even more internet outrage by promoting “LIVE coverage” on their website, despite not having the streaming rights. The “LIVE coverage” consisted of a curated selection of tweets from NBC, celebrities, and others. Obviously, people were not thrilled.

NBC and viewers weren’t the only ones having a bad night. HBO surprised viewers for all the wrong reasons when the premium channel managed to walk away without a single award. The streaming giants weren’t shut out entirely, though: Netflix and Amazon both brought home some trophies.

NBC has reportedly been working on securing streaming rights to the Golden Globes for a while now – so, while they didn’t manage it in time for this year’s show, there’s still a chance that next year might be less of a debacle.

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