Nvidia Announces Shield TV

Nvidia Announces Shield TV

As expected, Nvidia has announced a new version of their popular Shield Android TV box. Called the Shield TV, the new device will support 4K HDR video and will come with Google’s AI assistant on board. Like the original model, it comes with a gaming controller and will offer features aimed at PC gamers.

This announcement was expected, and we finally know why there were two different sizes of Shield TV in those leaked images: there will be a second version of the device, called the Shield Pro, coming out soon. The Pro boosts the storage from 16GB all the way to 500GB, and will be able to act as a home media server.

Both devices’ 4K support includes Amazon Video, Netflix, YouTube, and Vudu. Google’s 4K library will be supported sometime after the device’s initial rollout. The addition of the Google Assistant makes the Shield TV the second device (after the Fire TV family) to include a virtual assistant in a streaming box.

The new Shield TV will also include SmartThings Hub technology, giving it the ability to control SmartThings smart home devices. There is also an optional AI microphone accessory called the Nvidia Spot, which will retail for $49.99. Included in the announcement was the revelation that Ubisoft will be bringing games like Watch Dogs 2 to Nvidia’s game streaming platform.

The Shield TV is available for pre-order for $199.99, which is the same price as the old model. It will ship to the United States, Canada, and parts of Europe later this month. A version aimed at the Chinese market is expected later this year.

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