Report: Netflix Working on Offline Viewing

Report: Netflix Working on Offline Viewing

We’ve long heard rumors that Netflix is considering adding offline viewing capabilities to its arsenal of features. But a new report suggests that the feature could be added sooner rather than later. According to, Netflix is already working on the new feature, which could be rolled out as soon as this year.

With offline viewing, Netflix users would be able to download movies and TV shows to watch later in places without internet or 3G connections. Currently, subscribers can only use Netflix when connected to the internet.

In their report, cites industry insiders and a Frost & Sullivan analyst as sources for their big scoop. The report is light on details, and relies on sources outside of Netflix. As for Netflix itself, the company is still refusing to reveal any specifics – or even admit that they’re working on an offline solution.

Still, the recent report passes the common sense test. Competitors like Amazon have already rolled out their own versions of the offline viewing, and Netflix CEO Reed Hastings did concede that Netflix was at least considering adding the feature. There are hurdles: Netflix would have to get the go-ahead from content providers, since their current contracts don’t include download rights. Studios would have the ultimate say as to whether or not their videos could be downloaded.

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  1. Netflix owns the right to all original programming. I wouldn’t be surprised if they start with that.

  2. Parker Schnabel | October 16, 2016 at 2:27 pm | Reply


    You should be holding an ax in your picture. You look like a lumberjack!

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