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Date Published: 17 Aug 2017

We know how much effort goes into creating a movie, whether it is a short or a feature length film.

It takes years sometimes, to write, shoot and edit your project.

Most of us then take our project on the film festival circuit, sometimes we get some accolades and our 15 minutes - afterwards, what happens to your film?

Many upload their film to YouTube, in fact 82,000,000 +/- videos are on YouTube.

Your film fades into a sea of cat videos, home movies and smartphone clips - your film gets viewed 200 times and that's it.

But wait a second, movies should be the on the big screen and TV and that is why we have created the Ayerswood Presents Emerging Filmmakers TV Channel on the Roku platform.

Your movie should be there, there is no charge for your first film, contact us!

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