ClearStream TV

ClearStream TV
Developer: Antennas Direct
Version: 1.9

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Price: Free
Date Published: 13 Mar 2018

Over-the-air television made wireless! Connect ClearStream TV to your HDTV antenna and not the TV to combine live, local broadcast TV with your favorite streaming or mobile device, anywhere in your home.

Pause, rewind, and watch all your favorite network shows using the free ClearStream TV companion app and any HDTV antenna with no subscription or monthly fees from *ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, PBS, myTV, ION, MeTV, The CW, Univision, along with expanded programming, using the FREE ClearStream TV companion app and an HDTV antenna. Includes a program guide to preview all your upcoming shows [availability and performance of certain features and applications are device and network dependent].

It’s So Easy

1. Connect the ClearStream TV Over-The-Air Digital Tuner to your HDTV antenna and plug in the power adapter.

2. Download the FREE companion app to your phone, tablet or Roku streaming device.

3. Follow the on-screen instructions to connect ClearStream TV to your wireless network.

4. Watch all your favorite live, network and local TV shows for FREE!

What You Need

-ClearStream TV Over-The-Air Digital Tuner

-Wireless Router

-HDTV Antenna

What You Need to Know

-Connects to one device at a time

-Includes a program guide

-Pause and rewind live TV for up to an hour

Minimum OS requirements: 7.5 or later.

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