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FilmRise Gay and Lesbian
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Date Published: 12 Jan 2016

FilmRise Gay and Lesbian offers unlimited FREE instant streaming of the best LGBT entertainment in film and TV. Enjoy award-winning classics, foreign-language hits, hilarious comedies, riveting documentaries and much more. All are LGBT-themed and absolutely free. FilmRise Gay and Lesbian’s extensive library of titles includes LGBT classics like Todd Hayne’s controversial masterpiece Poison and the iconic drama A Very Natural Thing, considered the first commercially-distributed feature film about gay men, made by a gay man. Enjoy tender coming-of-age tales like Trevor, the Academy Award-winning short film that went on to inspire the LGBT-helpline The Trevor Project, and watch celebrated documentaries like That Man: Peter Berlin, Chris & Don: A Love Story and Michael Rappaport’s groundbreaking look at gay Hollywood, The Silver Screen: Color Me Lavender. FilmRise Gay and Lesbian also features international cinema from across the globe, like the period drama Aimee & Jaguar and sumptuous romance La Leon. All FilmRise Gay and Lesbian films and TV shows are available instantly. No subscription need, absolutely free!

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