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Almost any cable TV provider today can boast of hundreds of channels to entice users. But if you are looking for Arabic TV content, what exactly are your options?

The varied menu of available foreign language programming is one of the great things about DirecTV, what with the service provider having hundreds of channels to choose from.

While standard fare such as extra Spanish programming packages are usually available from cable TV companies such as Time Warner, Comcast, and Cox Communications, DirecTV is usually your best option for affordable, wide-ranging Arabic language TV.

Why Arabic TV?

Though Arabic language channels may be considered quite niche to some, it is in fact a fast-growing segment. Census data show that Arabic is now one of the fastest-growing languages in the US, now counting over a million speakers in the country.

With an ever-expanding market of native speakers, satellite TV companies no doubt are eager to cater to a large growing market.

Fortunately, DirecTV’s foreign language programming from around the world includes five Arabic language channels — which are available in their coverage area across most of the United States.

Basic Requirements for Getting DirecTV

If you are interested in satellite TV, the first thing to do is make sure your home fits the requirements. If you own your home, make sure you have a clear, unobstructed view of the southern sky for the dish to pick up the signal. If you live in an apartment or condominium, you may still be able to subscribe to DirecTV if you have a private balcony that faces south. Your right to install a satellite Dish is actually protected by the Federal Communications Commission order 98-273, so long as the installation does not cause any structural damage to the property.

DirecTV’s Tier of Packages

The base package, called Select, starts at $50 per month with over 150 channels to choose from. The Entertainment packages go for $55 a month with over 155 channels, including popular channels such as ESPN, Cartoon Network, and TNT.

Beyond the two starting packages, you can also consider their premium packages, which are:

Monthly fee Channels
Choice $60 185+
Xtra $70 230+
Ultimate $75 245+
Premier $125 325+`

All packages come with a three-month free trial of all 10 HBO channels, Starz, and Showtime channels. That said, do take note of the $35 activation fee and the early termination charge of $20 per month prior to the completion of the 24-month contract.

What are the Arabic channels from DirecTV?

If you are primarily interested in the Arabic channels, DirecTV offers some lower-tier packages you can subscribe to where you may add the Arabic package. Once you have your base package, you can then add on the DirecTV Arabic programming.

1. Rotana Cinema (Channel 2102)

Travel through time with the leading movie channel in the Arabic world. Playing from a wide library of Arabic-language films, this channel features the latest cinema, news, and entertainment programs. With one of the largest and richest Arabic movie libraries in the world, this channel has production films from golden oldies to the latest blockbusters.

2. Rotana Zaman (Channel 2103)

This network features digitally restored movies from the past, mostly classic black and white films. Classic Arabic movies are the main focus.

3. Rotana Moossika (Channel 2104)

The Rotana Moossika channel is the largest Arabic music library in the world, featuring some of the top entertainers from the Arabic entertainment industry. It offers a wide selection of music videos, concerts, and other musical entertainment.

4. Orbit Arabic Series (Channel 2105)

Orbit Arabic Series Channel plays Arabic TV series on a continuous basis, 24 hours a day. It delivers all sorts of programming, including drama, comedy, and historical biographies.

5. Orbit Al-Yawm (Channel 2106)

Orbit Al-Yawm is an original Arabic variety and entertainment channel, producing and broadcasting 35 hours or more of live Orbit productions per week. The channel features social, cultural, and educational programming designed for the whole family.

For viewers looking for Arabic programming, the five channels in themselves provide a considerable entertainment diet for both contemporary and classical tastes. Just be sure your home fits the basic requirements for the installation of the cable service. Overall, DirecTV’s offering provides a great way for Arabic speaking audiences to keep in touch with their culture and for scholars to be constantly up to speed with an enriching and romantic language via DirecTV Arabic programming.