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Disney Plus is Finally Here!
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When Disney+ launched on November 12, the streaming world changed forever. Disney+ is the biggest new streaming service to launch since Netflix made streaming video subscriptions a thing way back in 2007. It's loaded with awesome Disney+ movies and Disney+ shows, and it's already winning fans among cord cutters everywhere. And when all of these new subscribers are ready to watch some of the great content they're paying for, they fire up the Disney+ app.

The Disney+ app is at the center of the Disney+ experience. Now that we've had a chance to experience the Disney+ app ourselves, we can tell you more about it!

Who Can Get the Disney+ App?

Disney+ on Roku
You can watch Disney+ on everything from a Roku Streaming Stick to an Xbox One.

Like Netflix and the rest of the streaming service gang, Disney+ allows users on all sorts of different devices and platforms to log in and watch movies and shows at their leisure. But which devices, exactly, have access to the Disney+ app on? Are you able to get an iPhone Disney+ app? A Disney+ Roku channel? What about Disney+ on Fire TV?

The short answers: Yes, yes, and yes! Here's the full list of platforms that Disney+ supports right now.


  • In-browser app

Streaming platforms and devices

  • Roku
  • Fire TV
  • Android TV
  • Apple TV

Mobile platforms

  • Android
  • iOS (iPhones and iPads)

Video game systems

  • Xbox One
  • PlayStation 4

Even more platforms may be added in the future, so stay tuned!

What you need to know about the Disney+ App

Disney+ app screen
A Disney+ screen render available on the service's official website

Now that you know how you can get the Disney+ app, let's talk about the Disney+ user experience. What is the app actually like?

Disney+'s content discovery features lean heavily on its sub-brands. It's no secret that a huge part of Disney+'s appeal is the fact that it boasts beloved franchises and media properties like Star Wars and Marvel, and Disney+ is making those properties a key part of its content discovery system. There are big buttons in the Disney+ app that are branded with the major media properties that are such a big deal to Disney+: Marvel Studios, Star Wars, Pixar, National Geographic, and Disney's own animated classics. Selecting one of these buttons will bring users to a page that features only the content that exists under the brand they selected.

Movie and show titles are laid out in the Disney+ app in icons that are wider than they are tall. The icons are laid out in scrollable horizontal rows, a la Netflix.

The Disney+ app also has an expandable left-hand text menu. Most of the items on this menu are content discovery tools. You can also access the app's settings and other, less glamorous things via this menu.

It's time to get the Disney+ app

The day has finally arrived: Disney+ is available right now! So go sign up for the service's free trial offer and start enjoying the Disney+ app. In the meantime, if you want to keep learning, we can help you with that: Just as you'd expect, is covering all things Disney+! Be sure to check out our Disney+ launch page, our Disney+ review, and our lists of Disney+ shows and Disney+ movies. For the latest, give us a follow on Twitter or a like on Facebook. We're your source for Disney+ and everything else in the wide world of streaming.