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fuboTV started in 2015 as a streaming service for fans of soccer (or football, if you’re not American). It’s now a more standard skinny bundle, though it’s still more focused on sports than a lot of other live TV services. If you love live TV, it’s worth taking a look at this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on fuboTV. And if you’re any kind of sports fan, you should be even more interested!

Black Friday will look a bit different this year, but companies like fuboTV are still looking to draw in new customers with amazing deals that you can’t get any other time of year. In 2020, Thanksgiving is a little later than usual, which places Black Friday on November 27 and Cyber Monday on November 30. You’ll occasionally see deals available on Thanksgiving Day, too. We’re here to help you find the top deals on fuboTV for 2022, so keep on reading. If there’s nothing you like today, check back often, since we’ll be updating this page as more deals come through the pipeline. After all, you can’t take advantage of a deal if you don’t know it exists, and missing out on Black Friday streaming deals is almost as bad as missing out on pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving dinner.

fuboTV screen
fuboTV screen

Black Friday Deals on fuboTV

Remember the days when TV news programs would show people literally camping outside big box stores to be among the first in on Black Friday? Lucky for you, you won’t have to do that on Black Friday to get a stellar fuboTV deal.

Like everyone else in 2020, both businesses and consumers have been forced to adapt to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. You can expect to see fewer people lining up the day Black Friday before to get a good deal. If you want a fuboTV Black Friday deal, we don’t recommend that anyway! fuboTV is an online streaming service, so you’ll find all the best bargains from the comfort of your own browser.

Are there Black Friday fuboTV deals in 2020? Right now, it’s a bit too soon to say for sure, but we think it’s more likely than not. There are very few companies who are doing so well that they can just afford to ignore Black Friday completely. fuboTV also has a history of offering deals on past Black Fridays. Once we hear about it, you’ll find everything you need to know right on this page.

  • There are no fuboTV Black Friday deals yet, but check back here for the latest

Cyber Monday Deals on fuboTV

Cyber Monday has long been a popular alternative for shoppers who don’t want to risk getting involved in one of those infamous Black Friday stampedes. It’s an even better option this year, both from a “not getting trampled” standpoint and a “not getting coronavirus” standpoint. We’re not sure how Dr. Anthony Fauci feels about skinny bundles, but we do know he likes sports, so he might very well like fuboTV. He’s probably also a big fan of, come to think of it. Let’s assume that he is.

If you believe holiday shopping should not generally be a contact sport, then look below for the latest on Cyber Monday deals on fuboTV.

  • There are no fuboTV Cyber Monday deals yet, but check back here for the latest

Black Friday Savings Strategies for fuboTV

Since fuboTV is a skinny bundle, you may already know that it offers a few different packages. You pick the channels, features, and price point you want, then go from there. So on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s a decent idea to do some research ahead of time and think about what bundles are most attractive to you.

That way, you can be ready to go once fuboTV announces what kind of deals it will be offering for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Unlike in-store specials, you don’t have to be among the first five people in line to get a good fuboTV deal. But you also can’t wait too long. Most of these deals are only available for, at most, a few days.

We’ve all done it: We see a deal, then decide to put it aside for a bit and think about it. By the time we’re ready to pull the trigger, the deal is gone, and we have to pay more if we want the product or service. Don’t let that happen to you this holiday shopping season.

Check out the fine print as well. If you get a good deal, make sure you know exactly how long it lasts. Sometimes, you’ll be able to get a steal of a deal for two or three months before the price goes up a bit. That’s fine as long as you know what you’re getting into. But it’s best to read through everything before you submit your credit card information. That way, you’re less likely to get any nasty surprises on your streaming bill in 2021.

Finally, while fuboTV offers a lot of great channels, don’t just assume they have your favorite channel. Streaming services provide channel line-ups for a reason; they want you to know exactly what you can and can’t watch.

FuboTV channel guide

Happy Black Friday and Cyber Monday, fuboTV Fans!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are often thought of as great days for people who want to buy big-ticket electronic items. But over the last few years, those two days have also developed a reputation among streaming fans. If you’re a cord-cutter, you already know that it’s a less expensive and more efficient way to get the programs you love. The savings are real 365 days a year, and the discounts can really go deep for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

If you’d like to know more about fuboTV before you commit, we understand. In fact, we encourage you to take a gander at our fuboTV free trial page for all the information about watching fuboTV for free, at least temporarily.

If you’re not sure about fuboTV but are interested in other skinny bundles with an emphasis on sports, you might like Sling TV. Grab some more leftovers and go to our Black Friday deals page for Sling TV to learn all about ways to save on that service.

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