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See the results of our researchers and testers to learn the best Hulu alternatives on the market.

Hulu is an extremely successful streaming service that's growing in popularity. However, there are some great Hulu alternatives available to you. Let's take a look at Hulu and some of the Hulu alternatives as well. Looking at all your options will help you make an educated decision about which streaming service is right for you and your family.

1. fuboTV

If you are looking for Hulu alternatives, fuboTV is one to consider. Here are some Hulu vs fuboTV facts you can use to determine which one is a better fit for you.

Hulu and fuboTV both offer a free trial. Hulu's trial is 30-days (except on the Hulu + Live TV plan) and fuboTV's trial is a week. Neither service requires you to sign a contract, and both can be canceled at any time. Hulu has three plans from which you can choose, and they do offer a variety of add-ons. FuboTV offers four plans but doesn't offer any add-ons. Additionally, both brands offer live TV streaming and mobile playback. However, fuboTV doesn't offer any original content programming.

Also, with Hulu's upper tier plan, you can stream on unlimited screens, and with fuboTV, you can stream on two devices at once unless you pay an additional $5.99 per month to add the Family Share option to your account. The Hulu streaming services range from $5.99-$44.99 per month (plus your add-ons). And fuboTV ranges from 54.99 per month to $74.99 per month. So the Hulu upper-tier plans are comparable to the fuboTV lower-tier plans.

A Great Alternative to Hulu

Free Trial

2. Philo

Have you ever wondered if there were any Hulu alternatives and what those might be? If so, then Philo might make a great Hulu alternative.

You can receive a free trial period with Hulu and Philo. The Hulu free trial is 30-days (except on the Hulu + Live TV plan), and the Philo free trial is 7-days. Additionally, neither brand requires you to sign a contract and you can cancel at any time. Hulu says you can stream on unlimited devices (with top tier plan), and with Philo, you can stream on three devices at once. And, Philo allows for 10 personalized DVR profiles per account. Additionally, both brands offer live TV streaming, mobile playback, and original content programming as well.

Both Hulu and Philo offer live and on-demand options. The biggest difference between Hulu and Philo is that Philo doesn't offer any sports or news channels. The Hulu packages are between $5.99/mo. and $44.99/mo. And Philo offers one package and its $20/mo. So Philo falls somewhere down the middle of the Hulu pricing.


A Great Alternative to Hulu

Free Trial

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