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If you're a cord cutter with a passion for streaming video, there's a good chance that you've heard of Mobdro. But what is Mobdro, exactly? What does it cost, and how does it work?

Mobdro is a unique kind of streaming platform. Instead of licensing or creating its own content, Mobdro seeks out free video streams from around the web and collects them in its own app. Mobdro users don't actually access any video that they couldn't get for free without the app, but they do get the convenience of having all of those video streams right at their fingertips through one simple interface.

In our complete guide to Mobdro, we'll lay out everything you need to know about what to watch on Mobdro, what devices you can use with the app, and how to sign up for or cancel the premium version of the service.

What Videos Are on Mobdro?

How Mobdro goes about getting its video content is the most unique thing about it. Unlike services like Netflix or Hulu, Mobdro doesn't license content or produce content itself. Instead, it acts as a portal for other streams from around the web. Mobdro focuses on free streams, so it can offer its own app for free, too (though there is a premium version of Mobdro – we'll talk a bit more about that later on).

In other words, Mobdro does not offer any videos that you don't already have free access to. The appeal is strictly the convenience and content discovery features: Mobdro makes it easy to access and discover these video streams within one simple app.

So what kind of video streams can you find on Mobdro? All sorts: you might spot a BBC news or podcast stream, or perhaps a live stream of a spacewalk from NASA. You might even spot some “free” streams being broadcast from some less-than-ethical folks – streams that might contain live footage that shouldn't actually be available for free. That's a no-no, of course; while Mobdro is legal, these streams are not. We don't endorse this sort of thing, but some streamers do seek out this content while using VPNs to block their location. We won't dwell on this too much in our Mobdro guide, but there's no denying that these shady streams are a big part of Mobdro's appeal.

What Devices Can I Use to Watch Mobdro?

Mobdro is a relatively new service, and its platform support isn't too robust just yet. As of this writing, Mobdro is available on just two platforms: Android and (via that same Android app) Chromecast. Let's see that very brief list in our usual product guide format, shall we?

Streaming platforms and devices

  • Chromecast

Mobile devices

  • Android

There we go! Ah, great stuff.

Oh, and one more thing: Mobdro's Chromecast functionality is actually behind its paywall. In order to cast your Mobdro streams to your big screen, you'll have to buy a premium subscription – free users will have to content themselves with watching Mobdro on Android phones and tablets. That's not the kind of robust platform support that some other streaming services offer, but Mobdro seems to have a (small, but) loyal fan base all the same.

How Much Does Mobdro Cost?

Mobdro offers two basic options: a free (or, in the company's words, “freemium”) option and a paid premium option. If you opt for the premium option, you'll get certain perks. Those perks? You'll get to cast your Mobdro streams using Chromecast, you'll be able to capture streams, and you won't deal with any ads during your streams (the unpaid version of Mobdro drops ads into its otherwise free streams).

So how much does a paid premium subscription to Mobdro cost? Not much! It's just $2.99 per year. Yeah, in Euros! Go figure.

Deals on Mobdro

Mobdro's “freemium” version is free, so it doesn't get much cheaper than that. But what if you'd like a discount on Mobdro's premium subscription service?

As of this writing, there are no major discount deals or coupons available for Mobdro subscriptions. But we'll keep our eye out for you, just as we always do on! You can count on us to find the big discount deals on streaming subscriptions and tech. Check in on our homepage and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest.

Getting a Mobdro Free Trial

Mobdro offers a lot of things, but – as of this writing, at least – a free trial is not one of them. On the other hand, you could think of Mobdro's freemium option as being an unlimited free trial! While you can't test out the premium features without subscribing to the premium service, you can certainly get a great sense of what Mobdro is and how it works by simply downloading the app and using the free version for a bit. In fact, you may find that there are not a ton of reasons to upgrade to the paid version at all – plenty of users report relying on the free version only. It's up to you, of course!

Mobdro Contracts

Mobdro's FAQ page is pretty scarce on details regarding Mobdro's premium subscription policies. Presumably you can cancel Mobdro whenever you want, but don't expect to get back any of your $2.99 if you do so.

How to Cancel Mobdro

Mobdro won't let you sign up for or cancel Mobdro online, so you'll have to do everything on your Android device. Go into the device settings to cancel your subscription and uninstall the app.

All about Mobdro

Mobdro is a unique sort of streaming app, but it's still just one of many different options that cord cutters have for replacing the video content that they used to pay cable and satellite too much money for. There are all sorts of ways to make cord cutting entertaining and fun, and we cover all of them here at! Stay tuned to our home page and social media pages for more information on Mobdro and all of the best streaming and over-the-air solutions for cord cutters.