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Our job here at is to make your buying decisions easier, which is why we’re always hard at work reviewing devices, streaming services, and internet service providers. But you don’t always have to take our word for it — many subscription services offer free trial programs that let you test them out for yourself. The streaming free trial is a staple that goes all that way back to the earliest days of streaming, when the Netflix free trial got so many of us hooked on streaming video.

But does Netflix still offer its free trial? If not, what happened to it? Will it ever come back? Let’s talk a little bit more about the legendary Netflix free trial.

Netflix - Web Originals
Netflix – Web Originals

Does Netflix Have a Free Trial?

Netflix’s free trial is legendary. Unfortunately, it’s also extinct: In 2020, Netflix ended its beloved free trial program.

As of right now, there’s no such thing as a Netflix free trial (not as a standing offer, anyway). Your best bet for trying out Netflix right now is to subscribe for a month and then cancel if you’re not satisfied. You’ll still be out a little bit of cash, but at least Netflix is pretty affordable.

Yeah, I know — I wish I had better news. If Netflix’s free trial ever makes a triumphant return, you can count on to bring you the good news. In the meantime, we’ll just have to go on paying the full price for Netflix’s catalog.

Netflix - iPad homepage
Netflix – iPad homepage

Does Netflix Offer Other Deals?

Okay, so there’s no free trial — that’s not the end of the world, right? Surely Netflix offers some other kind of promotion or discount. Doesn’t it?

Well, as of this writing, not really. But we’re always keeping an eye out for discounts and deals, so count on us to let you know if anything changes.

You should know, though, that Netflix is worth paying full price for. It fared well in our Netflix review, and it’s the single most popular streaming service on the market.

Does Netflix Bill Me Automatically?

Free trial or not, Netflix still bills customers automatically. If you sign up for Netflix, you’ll be charged regularly every month unless you cancel the service.

The good news is that Netflix doesn’t have any contracts. You can cancel at any time and your service will stop at the end of your current pay period.

Keep in mind that canceling Netflix won’t actually net you any kind of refund on what you’ve already paid. If you cancel 29 days after your last payment, your Netflix subscription will end within a day or two; if you cancel one day after one of your monthly payments, you’ll have about a month’s worth of Netflix left; and, either way, you won’t be getting any money back. Luckily, this is still pretty low-risk, since Netflix charges every month. The most you could possibly “lose” is one month’s fee.

What Were the Terms of the Netflix Free Trial?

Ah, how we miss that wonderful Netflix free trial! Netflix’s free trial was really one of the best in the business. While most streaming services offer just a week of free access before asking you to pony up some dough, Netflix used to offer an entire 30 days of streaming.

Of course, even in its heyday, the Netflix free trial was reserved for new customers only. It also morphed automatically into a regular subscription at the end of the trial period, at which point Netflix would bill you automatically for the next month.
Still, it was a great free trial. We certainly hope to see it return someday. Until then, check out our guide to Netflix for more information on paid subscriptions to the biggest and badest of all the streaming services.

Netflix - Web homepage
Netflix – Web homepage

Netflix Free Trial Alternatives and More

If you really had your heart set on a free trial, Netflix won’t do the trick. But the good news is that plenty of our other favorite streaming services do have free trial programs.

Take Hulu, for instance. The Hulu free trial is still one of the best around. If you’re after on-demand content and Hulu originals, then you can check out Hulu’s on-demand subscription for a full 30 days risk-free. Hulu’s live TV streaming service, the aptly named “Hulu + Live TV,” has a shorter free trial period of seven days.

Another great on-demand subscription streaming option is HBO Max. Like Hulu, HBO Max has a free trial. The HBO Max free trial will last you a week before automatically turning into a regular paid subscription.

None of these options will bring our beloved Netflix free trial back from the grave, but they’re all worthy choices in their own rights. That’s one nice thing about being a cord cutter: There are a lot of streaming services to choose from!

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