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Want Philo alternatives? We've got 'em. See what our researchers have to say about the best Philo alternatives on the market.

Philo is a unique kind of streaming service with only one plan and no sports or news channels. There are a wide variety of streaming services on the market, but which one is best for your situation? If you already have Philo or want to make a few comparisons you can easily do so right here. It will be much easier to make an educated decision about which streaming service is better for you by taking a look at Philo along with some of the Philo alternatives.

1. fuboTV

FuboTV and Philo both offer a 7-day free trial period. Additionally, neither brand requires you to sign a contract and you can cancel any time. The main difference between Philo and fuboTV is that Philo doesn't have any sports or news channels (except BBC). Philo and fuboTV both offer live TV streaming and mobile playback. But only Hulu comes original content programming. With Philo, you can stream on three devices at once and with fuboTV, you can stream two. Philo only has one package that is $20 a month and fuboTV has four plans that are between $54.99 a month up to $74.99 a month, with the Latino Quarterly plan being $19.99 a month. So only the Latino Quarterly plan is comparable to Philo in pricing. All the other fuboTV plans are a bit more.

A Great Alternative to Philo

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2. Sling TV

Philo and Sling TV have several similarities such as they both offer a 7-day free trial, they are both low-cost streaming services, and neither of them requires you to sign a contract. The main difference between the two brands is that Philo doesn't carry any sports or news channels (except BBC). Another thing to keep in mind is that with Philo, you are able to stream three devices at one time and with Sling, you can stream between one four devices at a time. Additionally, both Philo and Sling TV offer live TV streaming, original content, and mobile playback.

The Philo streaming service has one plan it's $20 a month and Sling TV has three plans that range from $15-$25 a month. So both Philo and Sling TV are comparable in price.

A Great Alternative to Philo

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