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PlayStation Vue will be shut down in January of 2020. That means it's no longer useful to our readers, so we've taken PlayStation Vue out of our How to Watch guides and other key pages on our site. We've left this page up so that readers looking for information can learn what PlayStation Vue was and why it's no longer a useful option.

PlayStation Vue may be gone, but there are other live TV streaming services that are worth checking out. Our guide to the best live TV streaming services is a useful resource for finding a PlayStation Vue alternative.

The page below was written before Sony announced the end of PlayStation Vue.


Streaming video on demand (SVOD) services have been beating since way back in the 2000s. But, until 2015, cord cutters didn't have reliable solutions for live TV streaming. The arrival of the first “skinny bundles” changed that. Skinny bundles, or live TV streaming services, offer slimmed-down channel packages and aimed to beat cable at its own live-TV game. One of the first such services was PlayStation Vue.

What is PlayStation Vue? Do you need a PlayStation to use PlayStation Vue? How do you get a PlayStation Vue free trial, and how do you cancel PlayStation Vue if you don't want it anymore? You've got questions, we've got answers. Below, we'll lay out everything you might be wondering about PlayStation Vue. Where relevant, we'll link out from this PlayStation Vue guide to specific pieces we've published over the years right here on You can find even more PlayStation Vue coverage in our archives.

What Channels Are on PlayStation Vue?

First things first! PlayStation Vue is a skinny bundle service, which means that it offers live network television channels for less than the cable giants charge. So our most important question, naturally, is: what channels does PlayStation Vue have?

A lot, as it turns out. Most of the usual suspects are here: like most of its skinny bundle brethren, PlayStation Vue has made sure to ink deals with ESPN and AMC, among other channels. PlayStation Vue offers solid sports coverage, including regional sports networks like NESN, SNY, and local Fox Sports and NBC Sports stations in select markets.

Speaking of select markets, PlayStation Vue also offers live local feeds of major networks like Fox and NBC in select markets.

PlayStation Vue does have a few gaps in its coverage. Viacom channels are nowhere to be found here, which is a rough blow: Viacom owns popular networks like Comedy Central and MTV, among others. And PlayStation Vue is also missing Sinclair-owned stations, which means there are significant gaps in its local major-network coverage. To see exactly what you would get through PlayStation Vue, your best bet is to sign up for the service's free trial offer (for more on that, just keep reading!)

Here is a selection of PlayStation Vue's best channels:


  • AMC
  • Cartoon Network
  • CNN
  • ESPN
  • FS1
  • HGTV
  • TBS
  • TNT

That's just a small sampling, of course! Click here for our comprehensive PlayStation Vue channel list. Or click here to check out PlayStation Vue's website.

What devices can I use to watch PlayStation Vue?

PlayStation Vue is owned by Sony, which is why it shares its name with Sony's popular line of video game consoles. PlayStation Vue did initially debut on PlayStation consoles, but that's ancient history: since 2015, PlayStation Vue has been available on a wide range of platforms, including Roku, iOS, and more. Don't let the branding confuse you: just like competitors Sling TV and AT&T TV Now, PlayStation Vue is designed to deliver live network television to just about any streaming device you'd like, no matter where you are.

Want to know about your specific streaming device of choice? No problem. Here's the full list of streaming devices that you can use PlayStation Vue on.

Streaming platforms and devices

  • Android TV
  • Apple TV
  • Chromecast
  • Fire TV
  • Roku

Video game consoles

  • PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4

Mobile devices

  • Android
  • iOS (iPhones and iPads)
  • Fire (Amazon Fire phones and tablets)


  • In-browser app (Windows, Mac, and more)

How Much Does PlayStation Vue Cost?

The convenience is nice and the technology is cool, but choosing a skinny bundle over a cable or satellite package is about one thing above all: saving money. So it only makes sense to ask: how much does PlayStation Vue cost?

The answer depends on which of PlayStation Vue's channel bundles you opt for. PlayStation Vue arranges its streaming packages in tiers. The more expensive your bundle, the more channels you'll find included. Simple, right? The larger bundles build on the smaller ones, so there's never going to be a channel that you can only get in the smaller bundles – you'll only gain more channels as you climb the price ladder.

PlayStation Vue also offers select add-on options. An add-on can be tacked onto any bundle, no matter what size. For instance, you can add HBO to your PlayStation Vue subscription for $15 per month, and you can add that add-on to any of the four base bundles (or, rather, to any of the three that don't already have it – PlayStation Vue's largest bundle comes preloaded with premium channels like HBO). Unlike some competitors, PlayStation Vue allows you to subscribe to some of its add-ons – the “standalone channels,” which include HBO – individually, even if you don't sign up for one of the multi-channel base bundles.

About those base bundles: PlayStation Vue's smallest and most affordable bundle is called “Access.” Access costs $49.99 per month, which is a pretty typical price for an entry-level skinny bundle.

Here's the full breakdown of PlayStation Vue's bundle options.

  • Access: $49.99 per month
  • Core: $54.99 per month
  • Elite: $64.99 per month
  • Ultra: $84.99 per month

Deals on PlayStation Vue

Want to get PlayStation Vue for less? Then you'll want to keep your eye on, where we keep track of the latest PlayStation Vue deals.

Sony sometimes offers special deals on PlayStation Vue to customers that use its other products – for instance, you might get a chance to snag a discount if you're a PlayStation Plus member (again, though, you don't need a PlayStation or any gaming-related stuff to use PlayStation Vue – this is just some branding synergy, that's all!).

You can also, of course, check out PlayStation Vue for free by taking advantage of the service's free trial offer.

Getting a PlayStation Vue Free Trial

Want to test out PlayStation Vue for free? No problem: Sony will let you test-drive its live TV streaming service for five days before you have to put any money down.

Note that PlayStation Vue's free trial offer can be used to test out three of PlayStation Vue's four channel bundle options: the largest, Ultra, is exempted from the offer.

PlayStation Vue Contracts

Contracts are for cable and satellite companies, not for skinny bundles! PlayStation Vue appreciates that, and it doesn't ask you to commit. A PlayStation Vue subscription is a month-to-month thing, so you won't have to worry about getting locked in for six months or a year or anything like that.

You can cancel your PlayStation Vue subscription at any time. When you do, your subscription will be cancelled effective at the end of whatever pay period you're currently on. In other words, you won't get any of your last payment back, but you will get to watch PlayStation Vue for the remainder of that month. Cancel right before your subscription renews, and you'll lose nothing. The most you'll ever be on the hook for is just one month's worth of service. That's perfect for us commitment-phobic cord cutters.

How to Cancel PlayStation Vue

Don't feel like holding on to your PlayStation Vue subscription? Bummer, but no big deal: we can help you cancel. Here's how to cancel PlayStation Vue.

For starters, you'll have to log into your account. Navigate to Subscription Summary and just hit Cancel. You can also cancel the service on your PlayStation video game console, if you have one.

As explained in the last section, your subscription will be cancelled effective at the end of whatever pay period you're currently on (that is, whatever month you most recently paid for – whether that month ends in five days or 25). You won't be charged for any new months, of course. And if you cancel during your free trial period, you won't be charged at all.

All About PlayStation Vue

Skinny bundles like PlayStation Vue are some of the most exciting ways to watch live TV right now. So it's no wonder that we spend a lot of time on talking about them! Check out all of our coverage of PlayStation Vue by clicking on the links in this article, reading the related stories below, or typing “PlayStation Vue” into our site's search bar. And be sure to check back often: we're always covering new tips for, news about, and deals on PlayStation Vue and other major cord cutting services and products.