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Editor’s note: Quibi is shutting down. The company announced that it would be closing up shop in October of 2020.

What does that mean for Quibi fans? That’s not immediately clear. As of this writing, you can still download the Quibi app. Don’t expect any more updates, though — or any more shows.

Speaking of those shows, they could still live on if they’re picked up by TV networks or by one of Quibi’s streaming rivals. If you’re a fan, there’s still hope!

Quibi may not have stuck around, but you still have great options for low-priced streaming. Check out our guides to affordable streaming competitors like Apple TV+ and Peacock.

And if you're feeling nostalgic, you can still read our guide to Quibi below.

Quibi’s short-and-sweet content is something unique in streaming. But how does Quibi really work, and is it the right streaming choice for you? We can help answer those questions. In our Quibi guide, we’ll talk about Quibi’s concept and content, plus its devices, price, and more. We’ll even show you how to get a Quibi free trial. Read on for more details on Quibi.

What Is Quibi?

Quibi is a pretty unique kind of streaming service. It offers streaming videos on demand, just like Netflix or Hulu does, but there are a couple of key twists. One big one is the length of Quibi’s shows. Quibi offers “quick bites” of content, so you’ll only have to spend about ten or fifteen minutes to watch an episode of one of its shows. Quibi is also designed for viewers on the go, with an emphasis on mobile viewing. In fact, Quibi was only available on phones and tablets when it first came out.

Unlike a lot of its competitors, Quibi doesn’t come to us from some big media company. It’s a brand-new thing. Ex-Dreamworks executive Jeffrey Katzenberg and tech exec Meg Whitman are in charge. (Some familiar media companies, including Disney, have helped fund Quibi, but they don’t own it.)

What Shows and Movies are on Quibi?

Chrissy's Court is on Quibi

With Quibi, it’s all about the original content. Quibi’s titles are for the most part brand-new, but many of them come from familiar media brands like NBC, ESPN, and Disney. Some are reboots or continuations of shows you might know from years past.


  • Chrissy’s Court
  • The Fugitive
  • Most Dangerous Game
  • Punk’d
  • Reno 911!
  • …and more

As for movies, Quibi doesn’t have them — unless you count miniseries, which Quibi sometimes refers to as “movies in chapters.” The whole idea of Quibi is that the videos you can watch are super-short, so don’t expect anything super lengthy like Netflix’s The Irishman.

What Devices can I Use to Watch Quibi?

When Quibi first came out in April of 2020, users weren’t too thrilled by the platform support. Back then, you could watch Quibi on a smartphone, but not much else. People who wanted to watch their favorites on their regular TV screen were not happy! Luckily, things have changed a bit. Quibi is working on expanding its platform support so that we can all watch on our favorite devices. Better late than never, right?

Streaming platforms and devices

  • Chromecast

Mobile devices

  • Android mobile (smartphones and tablets)
  • iOS (iPhones and iPads)

Quibi’s platform support is very much still a work in progress. The mobile apps work on both phones and tablets, but they’re clearly designed more for phones. You can watch Quibi content on your big TV screen as long as you have a Chromecast, because both the iOS and Android apps support casting to Chromecast devices.

How Much Does Quibi Cost?

Quibi costs money, but it’s pretty affordable. Plans start at just $4.99 per month, and that’s after the generous free trial.

Quibi’s entry-level $4.99-a-month plan gives you access to all of the content on Quibi, but it has ads. It’s pretty similar to how Hulu works.

If you want to ditch the ads, you can do that: Just upgrade to the $7.99-per-month plan. That’s $7.99 per month total for your Quibi subscription, not an add-on charge. Whether you think it’s worth paying to skip commercials is up to you, of course! You may want to check out Quibi on the with-ads plan to start, because ad-free plans can vary a lot in value depending on how many ads you’re actually skipping and how much those ads annoy you.

Deals on Quibi

Quibi is a very affordable service, but that doesn’t stop us for keeping an eye out for ways to make it even cheaper.

As of this writing, there aren’t any huge Quibi promotions going on. But don’t worry: We’ll keep an eye out and keep you up to date on the latest deals and discounts. In the meantime, take a look at the always-available free trial offer. As of this writing, it’s a particularly good deal. Quibi’s free trial is currently twice as long as the free trials that most of its competitors offer.

Getting a Quibi Free Trial

If you want to check out Quibi, there’s a very safe and easy way to do that: Just sign up for Quibi’s free trial offer. Right now, Quibi is offered 14 days — two weeks — of free access to Quibi, with no commitment and no cost unless you decide to keep the subscription.

To sign up for Quibi’s free trial, head to the app store on your favorite device or go to Quibi’s website to download the app. You can sign up for the free trial within Quibi’s app.

Quibi Contracts

If you’re not big on contracts, we have good news: Quibi isn’t, either. There’s no long-term commitment when you’re dealing with Quibi. Just sign up for the service, pay month-to-month, and cancel at any time. If you cancel during your free trial period, you won’t pay a thing. If you cancel while paying for Quibi, your billing will stop and you’ll keep Quibi access until the end of the month that you most recently paid for.

How to Cancel Quibi

Want to cancel Quibi? No problem. You can cancel Quibi in the Quibi app. Just “My Account” and then “Change My Subscription Plan.” Quibi will run you through whatever platform you’re using to bill the service, and you can cancel there. For example, if you signed up for Quibi on an iPhone, then you’re billing your subscription through Apple — so from the “Change My Subscription” option in the app, you’ll be sent to your iPhone’s “Manage Subscriptions” page in the iOS settings, where you’ll see a simple option to cancel Quibi.

All About Quibi

This Quibi guide has all of the key details that you need in order to get off and running with a Quibi free trial or a Quibi subscription. But we’re not done talking about Quibi just yet, and we’re certainly not done talking about streaming and cord cutting. We’re your source for Quibi reviews, tips, and more, plus comparisons, rankings, and details for all of the other streaming services that you might be considering. Plus, we cover streaming platforms and devices, over-the-air TV, and the internet connections that you’ll need in order to keep your streaming smooth. Bookmark our home page or connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram for more on the streaming media you love.