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Here is what our expert researchers found when comparing Sling TV to other top streaming brands while trying to find the best Sling TV alternatives.

Sling TV is heavily marketed and, therefore, has become very popular, very quickly. But is Sling TV really the best possible streaming service for you and your family? Sling TV has some extremely affordable streaming plans that come with plenty of variety such as sports channels, family-friendly options, entertainment, and news. So let's take a look at some Sling TV facts, as well as some of the best Sling TV alternatives.

1. Philo

Sling TV and Philo are similar in price; however, their plans are vastly different. With Sling TV, you get your choice of three packages and with Philo you get one. Both services offer a 7-day free trial period and don't require you to sign a contract, nor do they have any hidden fees.

With Philo, you can stream up to three devices at once and with Sling TV's Standard plan you can stream one device at a time. However, with Sling's upper-tier plans, you can stream up to four devices, depending on the plan you choose. Additionally, Philo doesn't come with any news (except BBC) or sports channels. And, both Sling TV and Philo come with live TV streaming, mobile playback, and both have original content programming.

The Sling TV packages range from $15 to $25 per month. Philo offers one package and it's a flat fee of $20 per month. So if you are comparing prices, both Sling TV and Philo are almost identical; however, with Philo, you won't get any sports or news programming.

A Great Alternative to Sling TV

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2. fuboTV

Sling TV and fuboTV both offer great variety and fantastic prices, but fuboTV has a much larger list of sports channels. Additionally, both streaming services offer a 7-day free trial period with no contract requirements and neither impose any hidden fees. And, fuboTV has more channels in their Standard package, but Sling TV has far more on-demand content than fuboTV does, not to mention their premium add-ons.

With fuboTV, you get more sports channels, but it doesn't carry ESPN. With Sling TV you can stream between one and four devices depending on the plan you select. And with fuboTV, you can stream up to three screens at once. Additionally, Sling TV and fuboTV both have live TV streaming and mobile playback. However, only Sling TV has original content programs.

The Sling TV and fuboTV prices are vastly different, so this is an area you might need to consider if budget is important to you. Sling TV has three plans that range between $15 a month to $25 a month and fuboTV has four plans available, one of which is a Latino programming plan. The fuboTV plans range from $19.99 a month for the Latino Quarterly and the rest of the plans range from $54.99 a month to $74.99 a month. So as far as comparisons go, the Sling TV Latino programming plan and the fuboTV base plan are the only two that are close in price. The upper-tier fuboTV plans are more; however, they are worth it because of all the variety, features, and add-ons you have available to you. However, with that being said, Sling TV has some pretty great add-ons and a la carte options as well.

A Great Alternative to Sling TV

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