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There are so many options for organizing and hosting your video content these days that it's tough to keep track of them all. We've all heard of Plex and Kodi, and you may have read our explanations of competitors like Emby and Serviio. But what about newcomer Stremio? What is Stremio? Don't worry about it: we're here to explain.

What Is Stremio?

Like its competitors, Stremio's goal is to be your entertainment hub. It's a media server, which means that it makes local video files available on a wide variety of devices. Fill one folder with movie and TV show files on your computer, and you'll able to watch those same files on your smartphone, tablet, or tablet.

And, just like Kodi and other media center apps, Stremio is focused on making that content easy to browse. Stremio is designed to put all of your content in one place.

Like some competitor services, Stremio offers “add-ons.” Add-ons are essentially apps within the app, and they all you to do things like stream YouTube videos without having the leave the confines of the Stremio app.

So, in short, Stremio is both a media center and a media server. It's trying to make your entertainment experience simpler while making all of your content available on all of your devices.

Stremio's Place in the Media Center/Media Server Marketplace

So how does Stremio differ from Kodi and Plex, the current industry leaders in the media center and media server markets? According to Stremio, it's that Stremio is focused on ease of use. Stremio's FAQ section puts it this way: “Stremio will never be as customizable and feature-rich as Kodi and Plex, but it is significantly easier to use.”

The quote above seems be trying to downplay just how direct the competition between Plex and Stremio actually is. Plex itself is already a very simple, user experience-oriented app that is much less customizable than Kodi. And, like Stremio, Plex is designed to be a media server as well as a media center. Plex and Stremio are much more alike than they are different.

Stremio is very new and – for now, at least – free, without the paid tier that Plex and many other “free” competitors offer.

Stremio is all about content discovery

Stremio puts a real focus on content discovery. The idea here isn't to access apps within apps, but rather to choose your content from an interface that includes offerings from multiple apps. In that sense, it's a bit like Apple's new TV app. When you talk about media centers, you're talking about apps that offer no content of their own. User experience and content discovery are all-important, so it's no surprise that those are the areas in which Stremio is trying to differentiate itself. Read our full review of Stremio here.

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