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Editor's note: Younity appears to have shut down. The service's apps are missing from the App Store and Google Play, and the service's Twitter has not been updated since late last year. We're keeping this Younity information page up anyway for our reader's reference, and have made some updates to reflect Younity's current, questionable status.

Computers and the internet have changed the ways in which we get our entertainment. But before we relied on streaming video and music services, we were already replacing our CDs and DVDs with digital copies. You may still have a media library of your own that includes all of those CDs and DVDs that you ripped (or perhaps acquired through more, uh, extralegal means). You can still watch those media files, but who wants to sit down at their computer every time they want to watch a movie or listen to music? That's where Younity comes in. Younity is a media server program with a particular focus on mobile devices. The goal is to make it easy for you to listen to your music and watch your movies on the go — even as the files in question stay safely on your home computer.

Younity has a fair bit in common with Plex and Emby, but its particular appeal for mobile users sets it apart a bit. Younity's apps appear to be unavailable right now, but its website is still up. We'll keep you posted with any further developments. Here's what you need to know about Younity!

What can I stream on Younity?

Younity is a media server app, which means that it exists to help you access your computer's files from other devices. Younity allows you to share all kinds of media files.

What you can share on Younity

  • TV shows, movies, and other videos
  • Music and other audio files
  • Photos and other images

In terms of video, you can stream just about anything you'd like through Younity — provided you have the right file on your computer. Younity itself does not provide you with any new TV shows or movies. The service is just there to turn any TV show and movie files you have on your personal computer into streamable content that you can watch anywhere.

By default, Younity will automatically track down all of the media files on your computer to share. That means that you don't have to stash the files that you want to share in any particular folder, the way you would have to with other servers. Of course, if there are any videos, photos, or audio files that you don't want to put on your server (hey, no judgment), you can exclude those manually in Younity's settings.

Younity media server app
The server-side Preferences menu in Younity, ca. 2016

Younity allows you to access all of these shared files on your other devices. It also allows you to share individual files with others people using those connected devices. For instance, you could access a video on your home computer using your iPhone and then share that video with a friend, so that they can view it on their own device. You control how long these files are shared, and they can't be downloaded.
A free Younity account will limit you to sharing content over your own home network, while a paid account (more on that in a later section) will let you stream over the internet and download files to your devices.

What devices can I use with Younity?

When it was last available, Younity supported a pretty strong range of devices, though it was a little short on TV-focused streaming platforms like Roku and Fire TV.

Keep in mind that there are two different ways for a device to work with Younity. Younity is a media server, so you're running the server on one device and accessing the files from that device using apps on other devices. The device with the server needs to be on (and running the server, of course) for its files to be available.

You can run a Younity server on a Windows or Mac computer. (You can run servers on multiple computers at once, too). Once those servers are up, you can access files from those server-running devices from other devices that Younity supports, including other computers and mobile platforms. Here is a list of devices and platforms that Younity supports on the app (as opposed to server) end of things. Keep in mind that this list was current as of the last time Younity was available; currently, these apps have been removed from the relevant app stores.

Streaming platforms and devices

  • Chromecast (via iOS app only)

Mobile devices

  • Android
  • iOS


  • Mac
  • Windows

Again, as of this writing, Younity's iOS and Android apps have disappeared from the App Store and Google Play Store. We'll keep you posted as we learn more.

How much does Younity cost?

Here's some good news for cost-conscious cord cutters: Younity is free.

Of course, as with some competitor media servers, Younity has set up a premium tier of service with additional features. Premium users can stream content over the internet (free users can only stream their content over their own home network), download content, and more.

The only way to sign up for Younity Premium is through Younity's mobile apps — and those apps are currently missing from the major app stores. So, for now, Younity premium appears to be defunct. We'll update you on Younity's plans and pricing if and when we learn more.

Deals on Younity

Where there are prices, there are deals to be found! We'll keep an eye out for deals on Younity. In the meantime, be sure to bookmark and follow us on social media for the latest deals on streaming platforms, streaming devices, streaming services, and more.

Getting a Younity free trial

According to Younity's FAQ website, Younity's premium service offers a week-long free trial. But since that free trial is accessible through the Younity app, and since the Younity app is itself inaccessible right now, there's no clear path to a Younity free trial. We'll be keeping our eye on this here at

Younity contracts and billing

Younity's premium service was once priced on a per-month or annual basis. Users could cancel at any time and have their subscriptions end at the end of their current billing period. If and when Younity's premium service returns, we'll update you on the relevant contract details.

How to cancel Younity

As of this writing, Younity's service seems inaccessible. There are no contact details readily available on Younity's website, so if you have any issues with billing or a past subscription, your best bet is to go through your credit card company or bank.

All about Younity

Media server options like Younity are subjects that we cover often here at! Stay tuned to our coverage for the latest on Younity and on competitors like Plex. We'll help you choose the best media server for your needs and help you set up servers on your computer or on devices like the Raspberry Pi. It's all here at!