Showtime Partners with Hulu to Offer $9 Streaming Subscriptions

Showtime Partners with Hulu to Offer  Streaming Subscriptions

If you’re looking to watch Showtime, it helps to be a Hulu subscriber. That’s because Showtime is offering a special deal to Hulu Plus customers: a Showtime subscription for just $8.99.

Hulu and Showtime: better together

Hulu and Showtime: better together

Hulu on its own costs $7.99, making the price of both about $17. Showtime on its own (through its dedicated app) is $11.99.

Showtime’s offerings include original series like Homeland, Penny Dreadful, Happyish, Nurse Jackie, and Ray Donovan. Streaming options will also include series that have concluded, like Dexter and Weeds. A reboot of the cult series Twin Peaks will hit Showtime in 2016.

This marks the first time that a premium paid TV service is available through Hulu, and it seems to be a great move for Hulu. Hulu Plus lags behind its competitor Netflix in subscribers, about 9 million to 60 million. Showtime, which is also available as an add-on to cable packages, already boasts almost 24 million subscribers.

The deal is good for Showtime, too – it’s a cheaper option than rival HBO’s standalone streaming service, which costs $14.99.

Showtime and competitor HBO have both done very well as premium additions to cable packages, but their recent moves to create online streaming options show that they recognize the changing landscape of television. Deals like Showtime and Hulu’s show the the growing power of streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, as well as the declining influence of cable companies. It’s a good time to be a cord cutter!

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