T-Mobile Now Has Over 100 “Binge On” Partners

T-Mobile Now Has Over 100 “Binge On” Partners

T-Mobile has added a laundry list of new OTT partners to its already huge Binge On program. Binge On, an optional program that exempts certain apps from subscriber data caps, will now include ABC, Big Ten Network, Dish Anywhere, Disney Channel, Disney Jr., Disney XD, FOX NOW, FX NOW, and Nat Geo TV, among other new additions. Those providers join a list of apps that includes other OTT services, music streaming services, and games like Pokemon GO.

This is ostensibly good news for T-Mobile subscribers that enjoy content from those providers, but the Binge On plan as a whole has drawn criticism for circumventing net neutrality. By elevating certain properties to the free tier, T-Mobile is pushing traffic towards them – favored content providers have already seen T-Mobile viewers watching more content for longer thanks to the program.

And with key services on the free tier, T-Mobile could theoretically raise the price on data for the many other apps that still don’t participate in the Binge On program – effectively throttling less favorable traffic. In a truly neutral net, all data should be created equal, and critics say that T-Mobile’s plan moves in the opposite direction.

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