The Cable Giants Love New FCC Chair Ajit Pai

The Cable Giants Love New FCC Chair Ajit Pai

President Donald Trump has just re-nominated FCC chairman Ajit Pai for another five-year term on the FCC board. That’s no surprise, because Pai was already named chairman, and he has to stay on the board if he’s going to serve in that capacity. But some people were pretty stoked about it – in particular, the folks in the industry that the FCC is supposed to regulate.

Remember NCTA: The Internet & Television Association – the cable lobby that re-branded to avoid having “cable” in its name? Well NCTA’s president thinks Pai is a fantastic guy:

In just a few short months, Chairman Pai has embarked on a thoughtful, pro-consumer agenda that focuses on promoting Internet freedom and expanding the benefits of broadband to all Americans. We look forward to continuing to work with Chairman Pai and his colleagues over the coming years.

If the cable company lobby using “pro-consumer” as praise made you raise your eyebrows, well, maybe it should. The NCTA stands to benefit from loosened regulations, and “Internet freedom” is code for an end to net neutrality.

Pai also earned shoutouts from representatives of the American Cable Association, Charter, and T-Mobile, among others.

Cable and telecoms giants are fired up because Pai’s Republican FCC is already taking steps to roll back net neutrality protections and loosen regulatory rules. That’s not a surprise, as Donald Trump was far more anti-net neutrality and anti-regulation than his general election opponent, Hillary Clinton.

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  1. I can’t tell… Is this a good thing or bad thing for cord cutters? Why if bad? I hardly ever use more than 200GB/month with OTA broadcasts and streaming.


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