The Third-Gen Apple TV Is No More

The Third-Gen Apple TV Is No More

Apple’s third generation Apple TV has long been the most outdated streaming box on the market. Now it’s not on the market anymore – Apple has quietly discontinued the device. Could a new box be on the way, or is Apple simply sick of having such an outdated device in stores?

Ars Technica reports that Apple killed off the third-gen box without any fanfare, after more than a year of neglecting it (it hasn’t had a noteworthy software update in over a year). The $69 third-generation model was once Apple’s main streaming box offering, but since the release of the fourth-generation model it has essentially become the company’s lower-tier option – competing more directly with the smaller Roku boxes, for instance, or even with the cheaper Fire TV Stick and Roku Stick.

That means that, barring a big surprise release, Apple will enter this holiday shopping season with no lower-priced streaming option to compete with those other devices and the new Chromecast Ultra, which sports the same $69 price tag that the third-gen Apple TV did. Apple already announced this season’s new hardware back in September, so we’ll probably have to wait until next year to see how they next improve their streaming box lineup.

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