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If you’re a fan of Disney characters, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or Star Wars movies, then you’re probably a fan of Disney Plus. The service is a treasure trove of content featuring just about everything Disney owns, offering streaming access to hordes of legendary movies and original TV shows based on some of the company’s most popular properties.

Watching Disney Plus from abroad can be tricky though — unless you have a sturdy VPN service. With a VPN, queuing up some high-quality Disney programming is pretty easy. You can lounge on the beach in Mexico while tuning into “Loki,” or take a rest from skiing in the Alps to watch “101 Dalmatians,” all thanks to a VPN. But the big question is which VPN you should choose. What is the best VPN for Disney Plus? We tested all the major options to find out.

The Best VPN for Disney Plus: Private Internet Access

Best Disney Plus VPN
Best Disney Plus VPN

Private Internet Access VPN

  • Price Range: $2.92 - $9.95 per month

Private Internet Access is our choice for the best VPN for Disney Plus, and there are multiple reasons why. It has easy-to-use apps available for multiple platforms, reliable speeds without many drops, and servers in many countries, which means you’ll almost certainly find one in a region that supports Disney Plus. Plus, Private Internet Access subscription pricing is downright amazing, especially if you catch a deal.

We found the Private Internet Access app straightforward to use, and we appreciated that we could get it for many different devices. Whether you’re on an iPhone, an iPad, an Android phone or tablet, or some other platform, you’ll likely be able to get Private Internet Access up and running without issue. Private Internet Access also happens to be a particularly great VPN for streaming video.

If you stream a lot of internet video, then you probably know how crucial it is to have a fast and reliable connection. We rarely saw tumbles during our tests of Private Internet Access’ speed, which makes it a perfect fit for streaming Disney Plus — especially since you may be doing so from a country where every bit of bandwidth matters.

We like that Private Internet Access has server coverage in 90 countries since it gives you a better shot at connecting to a region where Disney Plus is supported. Disney Plus isn’t currently available everywhere, but you can think of all those Private Internet Access locations as a bit of future-proofing. Someday, Disney Plus will expand to more places, and when that happens Private Internet Access will provide even more paths to connect to it.

Private Internet Access’ prices — especially when you pay for a year or two of service in advance — get it a pretty emphatic endorsement. When you can land a deal on a subscription, you’ll pay as low as $39.95 for one year or $69.95 for two years. That’s a steal with any VPN service, but it’s an even greater heist for one that works as well as Private Internet Access does with Disney Plus. In short, PIA is the perfect partner for your Disney Plus subscription.

You may give Private Internet Access a try and find you can’t get Disney Plus to operate the way you’d like. If that’s the case, we have another suggestion for you.

Another Great VPN for Disney Plus: ExpressVPN

Runner-Up: Best Disney Plus VPN


  • Price Range: $8.32 - $12.95 per month

Don’t let ExpressVPN’s slot in the second-string position fool you — it’s a quite capable VPN service, especially with Disney Plus. If Private Internet Access didn’t exist, ExpressVPN would be the clear favorite. It does a lot of great things the same way as Private Internet Access, but it takes a hit on price.

Just like Private Internet Access, we’ve always had an easy time operating ExpressVPN through its apps. It also has a great deal of support across platforms, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a supported version for your device.

In the speed category, ExpressVPN is more than able to hold its own — just look at the speeds we recorded when testing for our ExpressVPN review. If you don’t want your Disney Plus stream cutting out on movie night — even if you’re on some tropical island somewhere — you’ll likely find that ExpressVPN is able to deliver a reliable connection without a huge hit to speed.

ExpressVPN comes as close as possible to Private Internet Access without equaling it in country support. Private Internet Access has servers in 90 countries, and ExpressVPN is present in 89. Both are well suited to find a region with Disney Plus, and they’re pretty well set for a future in which Disney Plus operates in more places.

ExpressVPN’s pricing is pretty good, too, although we give the value edge to Private Internet Access. ExpressVPN is also the best VPN for a few other use cases, so check out our other best VPN picks to learn more about what the service can do.

Which VPN for Disney Plus Is Right for You?

It should be apparent that we recommend Private Internet Access as your go-to VPN for Disney Plus streaming. It is either equal to or ahead of ExpressVPN in every category, including price. If you’re able to get Private Internet Access running and playing whatever Disney Plus content your heart desires, you should be golden.

But we don’t live in a perfect world, and sometimes unforeseen circumstances interfere and cause unpredictable issues. If you have trouble getting to Disney Plus through Private Internet Access, then ExpressVPN is a worthy fill-in. It may cost a little more, but it’s a perfectly fine replacement to get your Disney Plus fix.

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