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In 2020, IPVanish got some extra publicity by removing their device limit. That made IPVanish one of the few VPN providers that don’t limit how many simultaneous devices you can protect with a single plan. At a time when cord cutters have more devices than ever, this certainly turned heads.

But there is more to a VPN than their device limit. VPNs are about security, privacy, and of course the ability to stream your favorite shows. Let’s take a closer look at everything IPVanish offers to cord cutters. Below, we’ll talk about IPVanish prices and IPVanish payment plans, IPVanish features and extras, and whether or not your favorite streaming services will work with IPVanish.

What Do I Get With IPVanish?


Before we get into the specifics of IPVanish, it’s worth remembering why you should have a VPN in the first place. Privacy and security are important. You share sensitive data over your internet connection. If you’re like most people, you sometimes do so over a public network, like the one at your local coffee shop. Personalized ads and pop-up alerts asking us to acknowledge cookie usage serve as constant reminders that our internet traffic is being tracked all the time.

Beyond security and privacy, as cord cutters we also want to get the most out of our internet access — especially when it comes to streaming content. By offering the ability to change our apparent geographic location while browsing the web, VPNs can offer access to content that streaming providers have blocked in our particular region of the world. Streaming services are always working to prevent this type of access, though, so it may not work with all VPNs for all services.

With IPVanish, you get a VPN that works on an unlimited number of devices at once with no bandwidth limit. IPVanish has a few security and privacy settings that might be of interest to advanced users, including between 2 and 5 protocol options, depending on the device. Unlike services such as TunnelBear and CyberGhost, IPVanish includes the option to use inferior protocols, such as IPSec. Novice users may want to avoid these advanced features. The defaults are fine for the average user — and actually represent a more secure option than some of the options made available by the advanced settings.

IPVanish doesn’t have many other security and privacy features included with their service. The features that are offered are typically unique to a given protocol. For instance, the OpenVPN protocol includes a “kill switch” to shut down all internet traffic if the VPN fails and scrambling to disguise the VPN in the case of certain possibilities, like censored internet connections.

and Android devices, IPVanish also supports split tunneling, a feature that allows you to have some programs running through the VPN while other programs do not.

IPVanish also offers 250 GB of free cloud storage through Sugarsync with any of their plans. That’s not specifically a security or privacy feature, but it’s a nice little extra tucked into IPVanish’s feature set.

IPVanish Regions Mobile View

IPVanish Features

  • Usable on unlimited devices simultaneously
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 1,600+ servers in 55 countries
  • Supports IKeV2 and OpenVPN protocols
  • All plans include 250 GB of SugarSync cloud storage
  • Split tunneling on Fire TV and Android devices

What Devices Does IPVanish Work With?

IPVanish does not have apps available for Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Smart TVs, or video game consoles (PS4, Xbox One, etc.). You can protect these devices by installing the IPVanish app on your router, but you won’t get the same level of device-specific control.

IPVanish does, however, have apps for a whole bunch of other platforms. Check out the full list below.

  • Desktop/Laptop
    • Windows
    • macOS
    • Linux
  • Mobile
  • Streaming platforms and devices
    • Android TV
    • Fire TV
  • Other
    • Select routers

How Much Does IPVanish Cost?

IPVanish’s standard monthly pricing is $10 per month. You can pay for 3 months in advance for $26.99 ($8.99 per month). There is also an annual plan for $77.99 per year ($6.49 per month).

IPVanish Plans and Pricing

Deals on IPVanish

IPVanish always has deals running. These deals typically offer a discount on your first month, quarter, or year or service, depending on which plan you purchase. Their current deal lowers the monthly plan to $4.49 for the first month. The quarterly plan becomes $12.11 for the first quarter ($4.04 per month). The annual plan drops to $34.99 for the first year ($2.92 per month).

IPVanish also has a student discount page and a coupon page, both accessible through the FAQ on their pricing page. As of now, the above deal is better than either of these options, but that may change for future deals.

How to Get an IPVanish Free Trial

Many mainstream VPN providers offer a limited free trial, typically allowing either a few days of free use (usually no more than 7) or a small amount of free data usage per month. IPVanish offers none of that as they do not have a free trial. The closest thing you’ll find to a free trial is their 30-day money-back guarantee, which is available for any plan you purchase through their website.

IPVanish Dashboard

Does IPVanish Require a Contract?

There are no contracts with IPVanish. However, if you sign up for a quarterly or annual plan, keep in mind that you will be paying in advance for that term. Once the 30-day guarantee period is up, you won’t have a chance to get that money back.

How to Cancel IPVanish

IPVanish has cancellation instructions on their website. You can cancel at any time from the subscription tab of the account page. There is a link at the bottom that says “I wish to cancel my subscription.” Just click there and you will be given options to cancel your service immediately or stop auto-renewal of your service.

If you signed up through the Apple app store, iTunes, or the Android Play store, you will have to cancel via that same provider. If you do purchase through these providers, your ability to get a refund may be limited even within the 30-day period. Any refunds that are available will likely be handled through the provider rather than through IPVanish themselves.

More About IPVanish and VPNs

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