About Us

Cordcutting.com is a blog dedicated to exploring the world of cord cutting, including streaming solutions and free over-the-air TV. We keep our readers up to date on all of the latest news stories about new devices and services, cable companies, FCC decisions, and more. We’re also your source for cord cutting tips, including budget advice, how-to guides, and DIY projects.

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Our Team

Ville Salminen, Founder, Editor-in-Chief


Ville Salminen has been creating websites since the third grade. He studied at the University of Oulu, Finland, where he earned a master’s degree and continued on as a PhD student before rediscovering his first love and turning back to web development. Ville has a particular interest in video streaming services, their APIs, and the data those APIs offer. The data he mines from services like Netflix frequently makes its way into posts on Cordcutting.com.

Email: salmisenville [at] gmail.com

Stephen Lovely, Managing Editor

Stephen Lovely is a lifelong writer and a longtime cord cutter. He writes news articles, how-to posts, streaming guides, and more for Cordcutting.com. He lives in New York State. You can follow him on Twitter at @stephenlovely.

Email: stephenthomaslovely [at] gmail.com

Tyler Stample, Managing Partner

Tyler Stample is managing partner of Cordcutting.com. He tests the latest and greatest wireless technologies with the ultimate goal of not having any wires in his life.

Email: tyler [at] cordcutting.com

Brock Boser, Managing Partner

Brock is managing partner of Cordcutting.com and an avid cord cutter. He likes to stay behind the scenes, analyzing all things cutting the cord!

Email: brock [at] cordcutting.com