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Our Mission

When we founded in 2013, ditching cable for streaming television was still a relatively new idea. But as early adopters, we saw the future in customized, more affordable home entertainment. It then became our mission to help newcomers cut the cord by showing them just how simple (and money-saving!) it could be. From our very first article on “How to Cut the Cord,” we soon began reviewing every streaming service and device by using them the same way that consumers do: from our own living rooms.

Today, 80 percent of American households stream four or more services on their TVs. As cord cutting exploded into new areas, so did our website. In addition to streaming, we now cover internet service and VPNs in more than 100 product and service reviews. We also publish independent research referenced by outlets like TechCrunch, PC Mag, and Gizmodo.

But as the world of streaming keeps changing, our commitment remains the same as it was on day one: to personally test every product from our TVs, laptops, and mobile phones, with a thorough analysis that now comes from almost 10 years in the industry. And while we'll keep adapting, we’ll never stop providing real-talk recommendations, from the couch with a remote.

Stephen Lovely

Stephen Lovely, Editor-in-Chief — Cutter of CordsLearn More about Stephen

A co-founder of, Stephen has been reviewing and reporting on streaming companies for almost 10 years. He’s written more than 500 articles on streaming tech, including work published in USA TODAY and The Motley Fool. In addition to his written work for, he is the lead reviewer on the YouTube channel. Stephen has also held local Q&As about streaming news and trends.

Stephen lives in New York City, where he spends most of his time at home watching TV without cable on his beloved TCL Roku TV. He’s a big fan of HBO Max and Hulu + Live TV, and he uses MLB.TV to watch even more baseball than he used to watch with cable.

Chioma Azeh

Chioma Azeh, Internet EditorLearn More about Chioma

In her role as’s Internet Editor, Chioma has written and edited hundreds of ISP reviews, service comparisons, and buying guides. Chioma’s work has been referenced in Forbes, Radio & Television Business Report, and LightReading, and her research has been cited by Deloitte.

Chioma is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and built her expertise writing for more than five years on internet-focused websites like,, and She lives in Southern California with her family. Thanks to her expertise, she has a deal on an internet connection that’s able to handle all of their devices and streaming.

Shawn Farner

Shawn Farner, EditorLearn More about Shawn

Shawn Farner has been writing about technology and gaming for 13 years. You can find him playing Destiny 2, rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles, or exploring a new country in search of amazing food.

Lareign Ward

Lareign Ward, EditorLearn More about Lareign

As the Streaming Editor for, Lareign specializes in guides for channels and shows, and reviews and comparisons of new streaming services. Lareign has been covering streaming for five years, having written more than 150 articles on streaming, TV, film, and sports.

Lareign began her writing career in print journalism and has written for Vox, Electric Literature, and other major online outlets. However, it was tracking down streams for her beloved sports teams that led her to the cable-free world. When she’s not writing and editing for, Lareign keeps up with sports and film with the help of her TCL Roku Smart TV, her over-the-air TV antenna, and her ESPN Plus subscription. She holds an MFA in nonfiction writing from Eastern Washington University and lives in the Pacific Northwest.

Zak Kann

Zak Kann, VPN EditorLearn More about Zak

As our VPN expert, Zak is our lead writer for VPN reviews and guides, and developed our rigorous, multi-platform speed testing process for rating VPNs.

Zak came to from the startup world, where he used his data science background to build an analytics company from the ground up. Before that, Zak earned his Ph.D in computational chemistry from the University of Wisconsin. He has researched and written on everything from startup strategies to smart homes and currently lives in Chicago.

Sonia Horon

Sonia Horon, WriterLearn More about Sonia

A professional writer for more than 10 years, Sonia’s work on focuses on streaming services and cable-free TV — though in her 200-plus hours of research she has also guided cord cutters through internet service and VPNs. She’s passionate about making technology approachable and educating readers to keep pace with innovation.

In addition to her dozens of articles on tech, Sonia has written about subjects as diverse as law, animal rights, and real estate with cover stories on publications like The Beverly Hills Times and Top Agent Magazine. Her favorite streaming services are HBO Max and Netflix, and she has a B.A. in English from California State University, Los Angeles.

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Our cord-cutting experts love serving up accurate research and honest advice. But timeliness also matters. After all, people want the latest information on news, tech, and trends — not info from months (or years!) ago. That’s why we strive to be first-to-market with our cord-cutting resources. This allows readers like you to remain two steps ahead of the crowd.

So if you’re an “early-adopter” of new technology, you’ll be glad to know that our expert guides and other resources are always hot-off-the-press. And they are always on-point and backed up by rigorous research. Staying true to this vision is why our company continues to grow in popularity and impact.

Practical Cord-Cutting Resources

At, we cut the fluff and cut to the chase. Our resources are always practical and actionable. Whether you’re looking for the best streaming services, product comparisons, or the latest cord-cutting news, our experts put it all on the table so that you can confidently continue your cord-cutting journey.

In the Media

Our Community Needs You

Our company is more than just a website. And our readers are more than just numbers. We believe that our community of cord cutters are the backbone of what we do. So we encourage constructive comments and feedback. Your insight matters, and we go to great lengths to foster open communication. Also, hearing success stories from our readers is always a bonus!

We want you to know that your voice is heard. In fact, we often hear about new technology from our readers first. As they say, it’s the boots-on-the-ground that find it first! So rest assured that we’ll continue listening and interacting with our community. We want to make it easy to learn about new tech so that you can explore your options, cut the cord, and save money in the process.

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Want to collaborate in some way? Maybe you’re a reader with a question, comment, or concern. Whatever it is, we’d love to hear from you. Simply send an email to stephenthomaslovely[at] Or drop a note in the mail to the address below. Until then, keep on cutting that cord!

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