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fuboTV is a live TV streaming service with a sports heritage. Once a soccer-only service, it is now a full-fledged multichannel service that competes with skinny bundles like Sling TV — and with legacy pay TV services like cable and satellite, of course. So how does fuboTV measure up against these other ways to get your live TV fix? That’s what we’re here to find out in our fuboTV review.

fuboTV has lived many lives. First, it was a live soccer streaming service — though then, as now, the service offered 24-hour feeds of live networks, rather than just the soccer matches themselves. fuboTV later relaunched as a more general-interest skinny bundle (albeit one that had a particular flair for soccer and other sports) and entered a lengthy beta program period. Now, fuboTV is officially out of beta. In light of that, now seems like a good time to revisit our fuboTV review.

FuboTV Review

Editor's note: Our reviews reflect our experiences and opinions with a product at the time of our testing. We don't change the substance of our reviews unless we re-review the product in a new testing period. However, we do strive to note when specific elements of our reviews go out of date.

This post has been updated with new branding information, and other important changes are noted in the text.

This is my third time reviewing fuboTV, but I started fresh and entirely re-tested the service in January of 2019 to produce our third fuboTV review. Some of our observations from past reviews remain accurate, but much has changed, so the text below is entirely new.

User experience

There are a lot of live TV streaming services to choose from these days, and most of them have very similar channel lists (for more on how fuboTV measures up in that department, see the Content section of this review). Standing out from the crowd means providing a great user experience. In my view, the best skinny bundles combine familiar and cable-like TV guide menus with new content discover features.

fuboTV is pretty strong in this department. On each of the apps I tested (Roku, iOS, and Apple TV), fuboTV's user interface was divided into tabs like “Sports” and “Guide.”

fuboTV review - fuboTV on iOS
fuboTV on iOS. The main “tabs” are across the bottom: Sports, Shows, Movies, Guide, and My fubo. This screenshot shows content from the optional NBA League Pass add-on.

True to its sports-focused heritage, fuboTV makes its Sports tab its default one — it's the first thing that you'll see when you boot up the app. The Sports tab lists upcoming sports broadcasts and offers sub-menus for individual sports.

The Guide tab houses the familiar TV guide menu, which looks more or less the way that it does when you access it through your cable box (though there was a bit of a twist on streaming boxes — the fuboTV apps for Roku and Apple TV listed the channels horizontally across the top of the guide, rather than vertically along the side). You can mark channels as favorites, and doing so will lock them to the top of the guide. Unfortunately, there's no way to save shows or series in a similar way.

fuboTV review - fuboTV channels on iPhone
fuboTV's TV guide screen on iOS

Hopping into a live TV broadcast is pretty quick and painless, though channel surfing is tough to do properly on most platforms. On Roku, for instance, I had to back out of my live feed entirely in order to look at the TV guide menu again. On iOS, I was at least able to keep my live feed going in a little window in the corner as I scrolled. fuboTV is hardly alone in not letting me just move up and down channel by channel, but I really wish more skinny bundles would figure out that channel surfing is a big part of the appeal of live TV multichannel services. If I wanted to pick everything I watched from a menu, I could just use an on-demand service like Netflix. I'm here to avoid actually choosing what I watch! Let me be lazy!

fuboTV has two tiers of DVR service: you get 30 hours of cloud DVR space from the start and can upgrade to “Cloud DVR Plus” ($9.99 per month) to expand that to 500 hours. You can select shows to record and then access your recorded shows on demand from any device running the fuboTV app. Programs can be recorded from the TV guide screen and watched later on the My fubo tab. It's a pretty straightforward process.

However, there does not seem to be a way to record every episode or every new episode of a given series. Those are two pretty standard DVR options, so I'm not sure why fuboTV has left them out. Combined with the inability to mark shows and individual programs as favorites, this really hurts your ability to keep track of favorite series.


fuboTV's content includes live television channels and features a extra helping of sports-related channels, especially those that carry soccer. We'll discuss the sports stuff in more depth in just a moment, but let's start with the non-sports content.

The selection is pretty robust. The usual suspects are here: AMC, CNN, Food Network, HGTV, TNT, and USA Network are all familiar sites in skinny bundles, and fuboTV has landed each of them. Viacom-owned channels, on the other hand, are nowhere to be found. Like some other skinny bundles, fuboTV is missing Comedy Central, MTV, and the rest of the Viacom gang. That's disappointing, if not unheard-of for a skinny bundle. More surprising, and more damaging to fuboTV's standing in this category, is the absence of Disney-owned properties like ABC, Disney Channel, ESPN (which we will talk a good deal more about in just a moment), and Freeform.

Local coverage is decent. While ABC is MIA, fuboTV offers local feeds of CBS, FOX, and NBC in select markets. As with all skinny bundles, the availability of these local major-network feeds will vary by region. fuboTV also has a very solid selection of regional sports networks (RSNs). Overall, local and regional coverage is solid, but it's worth double-checking major net work availability in your own area by heading to fuboTV's website or simply signing up for fuboTV's free trial offer.

fuboTV review - fuboTV channel list
fuboTV's channel selection. This screenshot shows the channels available on “fubo Extra,” the larger of fuboTV's two English-language base packages.

fuboTV also has a lot of sports content, albeit with some key omissions, so let's spend some time talking about that.

When fuboTV was first released back in 2015, it was billed as a soccer streaming service. Then, as now, it included live feeds of multiple channels — it was one of the very first multichannel live TV services, along with Sling TV — but back then all of its channels were soccer channels, and its interface was oriented around advising you of kickoff times and connecting you with live matches in progress. It was sort of as if the whole service was just what the “Sports” tab of the app is now. fuboTV has long since added tons of non-sports content, but it still claims a special appeal to sports fans. In addition to its extensive library of soccer-oriented programming and channels, fuboTV has inked deals with FS1, FS2, NBA TV, NBCSN, NFL Network, and even the Olympic Channel, which I was not previously aware was even a thing. Perhaps most impressive of all is the presence of NBA League Pass, the NBA's live game streaming service, whic is available as an add-on. So fuboTV does have a case to make for itself as the best live TV streaming service for sports. There is a lot here that should appeal to sports fans!

There is also, however, one major omission: ESPN. The ESPN family of channels is not available on fuboTV, which strikes me as a critical problem for a sports-first streaming service to have. Other Disney-owned properties, including ABC (which has NBA broadcasts and NCAA football broadcasts, among other sports offerings), are also missing, but it's ESPN (and ESPN 2, and ESPN U, and so on) that leaves the biggest and most embarrassing gap in a lineup that is purported to be the best choice for sports fans.

If you can live without ESPN, there's plenty of sports to watch on fuboTV. The add-ons include even more sports channels, including original channels run by fubo itself. fuboTV offers more access to niche sports like Australian rules football and curling than competitor bundles can boast. fuboTV's deep channel selection also boasts great coverage of foreign soccer leagues. If you care more about Liga MX than Monday Night Football, fuboTV might be for you.

Other, non-sports add-ons include foreign-language bundles and premium channels like Showtime. The premium channel selection does not include HBO, however.

Whatever bundle(s) you choose, you'll also enjoy access to on-demand content. The on-demand content available through fuboTV is culled from individual channel broadcasts from the last 72 hours. You'll see network logos in the corners and that sort of thing. The commercials have been cut out, though, which is nice.

Streaming quality

I was pretty happy with fuboTV's streaming quality overall. The service tops out at 1080p, which is typical for skinny bundle live TV streaming services. Load times were brief — a couple of seconds on my Roku TV with a wired connection, and not noticeably longer on other platforms or on Wi-Fi connections. Streaming stayed smooth and in HD for the most part, with only very occasional hiccups.

There were exceptions. Strangely, I found CNBC to be pixelated one day even when other channels were not. There seemed to be no issue with my connection or with fuboTV generally — it was just CNBC. A couple of days later, CNBC looked fine. Go figure.

Oddly, fuboTV seemed to struggle more with on-demand content than with live TV streaming. I noticed that audio and video would sometimes fall slightly out of sync late in the program. At other times, the video would freeze while the audio continued.


A streaming service is only as good as its platform support, but fuboTV has no issues on this front.

fuboTV is available for Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, and Android TV. You can watch on the go with an iOS or Android phone or tablet, and you can watch on a desktop or laptop computer using the service's in-browser app (fuboTV recommends the Chrome browser, and that seems to be a strong recommendation — I couldn't even get the app to load on Firefox). Chromecast is supported, too — you can cast from the mobile apps or from the in-browser app.

All in all, that's a great range of platforms and devices.


Editor's note: fuboTV has changed its pricing structure and prices since this review was written. The cheapest bundle is now $54.99 per month. Competitors like AT&T TV Now (previously known as DirecTV Now and referred to as such in this review) have also increased their prices.

fuboTV offers two tiers of English-language service. Subscribe to one or the other, and you can tack on add-on bundles, features, and premium channels.

“fubo,” the most basic package, costs $44.99 per month. “fubo Extra” costs $49.99 per month and, as the name suggests, adds extra channels.

Add-on options include features, channel bundles, and standalone channels and services. The features include “Cloud DVR Plus,” which increases your maximum number of simultaneous streams from two to three for $9.99 per month, and “Family Share,” which expands your maximum number of simultaneous streams from two to three for $5.99 per month.

Add-on bundles of channels vary in subject and price. There are multiple add-on options for sports fans, including Sports Plus ($8.99 per month for NFL RedZone, college RSNs, and more) and fubo Cycling ($11.99 per month for a channel bundle that includes both cycling channels and, curiously, some soccer ones), among others. A particular highlight among the sports add-ons options is NBA League Pass, the NBA's league-wide live game streaming service, can be tacked onto a base bundle for an extra $28.99 per month. Showtime (including eight spin-off Showtime networks, like Showtime 2 and Showtime Family) costs $10.99 per month. You can find a complete rundown of fuboTV add-ons on fuboTV's website.

There are also two foreign-language base bundles (“base” here meaning that you don't need to add them to an existing subscription): the $24.99 Fubo Latino (Spanish) and the $19.99 fubo Portuguêse (Portugese, of course).

fuboTV's prices fit right in with its competitors' rates. $40-45 per month is industry standard for entry-level bundles, Showtime's price is the same virtually everywhere, and fuboTV's add-ons are reminiscent of Sling TV's in both structure and price. There are some slightly cheaper options out there, as well as some smaller building-block bundles (like Sling TV's Sling Orange and Sling Blue, each of which is cheaper — and less complete — than either fuboTV's fubo or Sling TV's similar Blue/Orange combination bundle). There are also aspects in which fuboTV is a better deal than its competition: RSNs like YES Network are available in the entry-level fubo bundle, for instance, which compares favorably to services that stash RSNs in higher tiers (like DirecTV Now, which puts them in its $55-per-month second tier).

Like virtually all of its competitors, fuboTV offers a week-long free trial. You can check that out here.

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fuboTV has come a long way since its early days. There's a lot to like here, though there are also a few things to dislike.

fuboTV offers its best perks to sports fans, but sports fans will also be the cord cutters who find themselves most conflicted about fuboTV. If fuboTV had ESPN, it would unquestionably be the best deal for sports fans. Without ESPN, it's in a weird spot. Would you rather have the $50-per-month fubo Extra, which has every sports channel under the sun except ESPN; or Sling TV's $40 plan, which ESPN, ESPN 2, and other basics (like FS1, FS2, and NBCSN), but is comparatively lacking in things like RSNs? And what about Hulu + Live TV, which has both the major sports channels and a solid selection of RSNs, but which lacks sports add-on packages of the sort that fuboTV and Sling TV offer?

In my view, fuboTV is literally one channel away from being dominant on the sports streaming market. For now, how you rate it alongside the competition depends on how much you value ESPN. I'm inclined to say that I still favor fuboTV for sports coverage, but it's certainly debatable.

What about casual sports fans and non-sports fans? Assuming that “casual” doesn't mean “ESPN-only,” I think fuboTV stacks up quite nicely against the competition. It's right around the same price point, offers Sling TV-like add-ons for customization, and has a decent suite of features.

Ultimately, fuboTV doesn't blow its competition out of the water, but it's right in the thick of things in the skinny bundle market.

23 thoughts on “fuboTV Review

  1. Avatar Dave Steinquist says:

    I’ve had the previous Fubo package for a while, and this week I upgraded to the Latino ($14.99) package. One error in your review, the BeIn Sports English channel is still there in the Latino package, along with BeIn Espanol. With Fox Deportes now included, it increases UEFA and Bundesliga coverage for me, because I have Sling Orange and don’t have any other Fox Sports channels.

    Regarding platforms, the DVR function isn’t available on Roku, but works fine on my Firestick and Android tablet. Only other gripe is that on Roku, it makes you login almost every time you open the app – and my email and password are fairly long. (I’ve seen comments elsewhere that this is a common problem, and tech support didn’t help when I contacted them a few months ago.) However, on Firestick and Android it stays logged in, just like other apps (Sling, Hulu, Netflix, etc.) do.

    I’m happy with it, and get my fill of footy with Fubo Latino and Sling Orange!

  2. Avatar Kevin says:

    Didn’t answer my question at all. Didn’t even address it! Why would I ever use your service when you can’t even answer a question I asked twice over two weeks ago?

  3. Avatar Kelly says:

    Does fuboTV have NBC and NBCSN? That’s critical to get all the EPL games.

  4. Avatar Curtis says:

    As someone who has been using Fubo for nearly a year (though probably not much longer), I would like to add the warning that their DVR playback is very buggy (frequent sections of skipping around), and during major events (El Clásico, World Cup), I have experienced a lot of outages. Over two days in the World Cup group stage, I’ve had to submit three technical support tickets for different issues, and I had an entire evening and night where I could not watch a thing either recorded or live on Apple TV 4K (a “supported device,” oddly unlike their Android TV app, which is really awful). Their technical support is email only, not typically very fast to respond (usually the first response is the following day), and they have never really been very helpful actually resolving technical problems.

    1. Avatar says:

      I could easily get by with 8 – 12 primary channels IF such a option

      was made available. USA Network…..CBS All Access – One Reliable Headline News Network – Weather Network…Vintage Tv Network
      and etc.
      I knew this was once available but who offers this now and at what $$

  5. Avatar Shane says:

    Just wanna mention some errors in this review. FuboTV does allow you to select if you want to record new episodes or all episodes. Also it does have MTV along with MTV2, MTV Classic among others. On Apple TV you can channel surf by just swiping left or right on the Apple remote. Not sure about Ruko & others. I don’t personally have any issues with the DVR other than a few seconds of buffering when you skip ahead. Showtime however has been the worse when it comes to buffering. Now sure why as it’s the only stations that has this issue daily.

    1. Avatar Naenae86 says:

      Shane it sounds like you must work for Fubo. I say that because the pass customers respond back in 2018 and here you are in 2019 so that means Fubo has made some up grades. I remember when I had Fubo it buffer a lot. So just say that Fubo made changes along with there prices.

    2. Avatar Frankie Lane says:

      I’m trying to decide between FuboTV and YouTubeTV. They are very similar and both clean and user friendly interface. There are some differences. FuboTV allows you to scroll over 24 hours a head to see what’s showing. YouTubeTV is extremely limited, it only allows a few hours. Meaning I have to wait to see what’s playing later at night as the time of the day gets closer. Another difference is a minor one but an individual need/want in channel availability. YouTubeTV offers ABC, all of ESPN channels, but it doesn’t have History, NFL Network or Lifetime (my wife’s favorite). FuboTV on the other hand doesn’t offer ESPN or ABC but I can get that with the Disney+ bundle package (Disney+, HULU, ESPN+). However FuboTV does over my favorite NFL Network, History and the Lifetime channels.
      In reference to the DVR, they both have the same annoying issue. If you want to record a series they both record new & reruns. You can’t select just the new original one’s. They both just continue to record every showing of a the specific episode.

      1. Avatar Stephen Lovely says:

        Hi Frankie — keep in mind that ESPN+ offers its own live sports broadcasts, *not* a live feed of the ESPN cable network. To get a live stream of ESPN, ESPN2, or ESPN U, you’ll need to pick a skinny bundle that includes them.

  6. Avatar Dave Nelson says:

    Beware! Fubo makes it almost impossible to cancel your account.

  7. Avatar Shamarian Morgan says:

    My experience with Fubo was good…. until there was a problem. I call because my fubo app on the roku device kept jumping back to home, thinking it was just a glitch. Later that day I tried again same thing, so I go to another television in my home with the same type of device I’m getting the same result. So I decided to call fubo tech support… I did everything that was suggested…still no resolution, the technician explains that he needs my model # and bla,bla bla, he said he would be reporting it to “roku” tech. Now it’s the 2nd day no response until late evening. The email basically states that my device no longer supporting Fubo app… Okay I understand, however on the day I’m reporting the problem my account was being charged, and I’m no longer able to use the app. I have responded to the email requesting a refund…. no response!!!! I have call ( apparently their technology knows who calling because I’m always sent to a recording to call back later after being on hold for 20-30 min.) The thing is even if I can’t get a refund, let come up with another solution..( put my plan on hold until I get another supporting device… I like the app but customer service is horrible, customers are suppose to be appreciated. As far as the app, it is good but if you have a problem be very careful, don’t let them string you along until they get your money. Not giving me the opportunity to cancel and return later after I get another device. Very deceptive behavior. I won’t be returning because of this.

  8. Avatar AH says:

    For 20 months they charged me monthly $55 without sending any bill, no confirmation email and nothing else to inform me although they have my email address!!!They kept sending advertisement emails but no billing or payment receipt. I checked all of emails to include spams, something is funny when I called them they didn’t provide me any billing email. I never ever used this tv, I just found it when my bank notified me!!!

  9. Avatar Pamela says:

    Started the free trial today Jan 19,2020 and the picture is awful, the big banner across the bottom half of the screen is just stupid. No way I will keep this at this price.

  10. Avatar Bill Mutschler says:

    WARNING, FUBO is falling apart, DO NOT SUSBCRIBE. Choose HULU Live or Youtube TV instead, They continue to lose channels at an alarming rate and just make excuses and blame others. The most recent example, FUBO recently lost many local Fox affiliates. This means NO SUPER BOWL in english on the sports focused streaming network! Customers service response is “download fox sports go, log in with FUBO account and you can watch it” Of course after downloading fox go, it does not work. Customer service actual response: “oh, yea, that really doesnt work we just say it in case it might work”. PLus they throw in the “well some other people can still get FOX, so its not really an issue”. This is on top of other networks they continue to lose including YES (regional sports for NYC)

  11. Avatar Tracy says:

    All I can say is that Fubo Tv is a viable option for me to cut the cord with my previous carrier whom I have been with for 15 years! Thank you, thank you! I have all of my favorite channels that my previous carrier took when they “re-structured” their channel lineups.

  12. Avatar Shannon Bannerman says:

    STAY AWAY FROM FUBO! What they say they offer they actually don’t. Channels don’t work and when you try to correct it they can’t. I signed up to be able to watch a sporting event the night I signed up. Fubo couldn’t get it working for me so I didn’t get to use their program to watch. They didn’t cancel me like they said they would. They charge you 59.99 and WILL NOT FOR ANY REASON give you a refund even though THEY don’t offer the service they advertise. Don’t trust the “try” it you will get charged and there is NO getting it back. I SPOKE TO SARA WHO THEN TRANSFERRED ME TO HER MANAGER WHO SAID THE SAME THING…SORRY YOU’RE STUCK WITH THE CHARGE OF 59.99 EVEN THOUGH OUR SERVICE DIDN’T WORK!

  13. Avatar Lillie frost says:

    I just got fubo love it only thing I don’t like is all the sports channels be nice if I did have those channels I never watch but pictures are clear so far like I said love it

  14. Avatar Tracy Conroy says:

    I have used Fubo services on and off for 2 to 3 years. Other than it doesn’t have one feature that I would like to see it has been good. Until this last time I reactivated my account. It has been a horrible issue of a show actually playing all the way through with buffering and then it just stops then sometime it goes to the Fubo home screen or just exits out of the whole app. The picture quality has also been horrible. I have other streaming services that we use and none of them are having any of these issues. So I know it’s not just my internet or anything like that. Just so disappointed this time with the price I have paid and can’t watch what I want nor do they refund. Have canceled my subscription and will have to deal with these issue until the billing date since they don’t refund or compensate for the technical issues they are having. I emailed them and they did respond back with trouble shooting ideas, which I had either done before or tried what I didn’t think of and nothing has changed. Hope they will find the problem and get it fixed on their end:

  15. Avatar John Scott says:

    I used fubo tv for a one week trial.

    What I liked.

    * Channel selection was good and included Bravo and Hallmark channel.
    * I had no playback issues. I use hardwired connections to all the streaming devices.
    * Ability to record series.
    * 500 hour DVR was OK but unlimited would be better.

    What I didn’t like.

    * All the on-demand content seemed to have commercials and there was no way to search for on-demand without commercials.
    * 500 hour DVR filled up quickly when recording common shows like “Raymond” or “Two and a half men”.

  16. Avatar George Q. un ex de Fubo says:

    Quiero cancelar esta cuenta y no puedo siguen collectando el telefono no lo contestan 844-551-1005 por que este canal no sirve para nada es todo propaganda y no se puede adelantar ni atrazar tenes que ver lo que ellos quiren ni que fuera gratis un verdadero desenganio ya no mas un robo pagamos batante para este servicio que solo pasa propaganda yo no pago para ver propaganda quiero ver futbol cancel mi subcripcion por que tanbien es imposible hacerlo llame al numero 5 veces nunca lo atendieron en mi opinion no sirve solo te cobran para mostrarte dos horas y media de publicidad que ellos conbran tambien se cota y regresa al principio del partido hellloooo estamos en el anio 2020!

  17. Avatar Kyle says:

    I just switched from directv now/att&t. I was on their “$35 for life” plan, that of course wasn’t. I put up with so many glitches for so long, The DVR with 20 hours and no way to get more on my plan, was worthless. When I went to cancel, instead of offering something or even a sorry we are losing you. I was told how good of deal I had and that I was already saving money. Despite the double in price. Anyway, I left for Fubo TV, as they just added ESPN etc. I like it far better. A lot has changed since your review (for the better) that you may want to update it.

  18. Avatar Keith says:

    Fubo tv is terrible. Constant “ ghost spots” the picture goes out the sound goes out. All this as the raise rates AGAIN! No customer service to speak of. I’ve been on hold with the email customer service for over three weeks. No apologies, nobody that cares that I’m paying for this service. $60 a month for crap!

  19. Avatar Jen says:

    Fubu is an absolute scam. I had used the service and cancelled my subscription. I got charged for 3 months. When I called to explain they actually told me they can review when I’ve used fubu and from what device and it clearly showed I had not used the service because but would not give a refund except for the last payment. Absolutely worst customer service & a scam!

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