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Turn Your Passion for Cord Cutting Into an Exciting and Rewarding Career

Love researching new tech? Want to share your expertise with the world?
If so, we might have the perfect opportunity for you!

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Join our team and put your talents to the test. Our experts are constantly exploring new frontiers on ways to snip the cord and save. You’ll research the latest trends, educate people on new technology, and keep folks up-to-date with the industry’s breaking news. If you have a passion for streaming services and other ways to cut the cord, we want to hear from you. Start by checking out our current openings below.

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An Extraordinary Company to Work For

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“I love working with this team! Working with such talented people has made me better. They encourage me, they teach me, and they give me a chance to prove myself. I'm better at what I do because of the people who work here with me and because of the awesome culture that we have.”

“The best thing about is that things are always changing. A new device or new service comes out, and you have to be on it. You get to learn about it and tell readers what it's all about. It's impossible to be bored when there's always something new to do. Besides, working here means you get to play with devices and watch TV — what could be better than that?

“Working for is super fun and flexible, but we really know how to get things done! There's so much passion and talent here. It would be intimidating if everyone wasn't so nice!”

A Day in the Life.

You’re probably wondering what it’s like working with us. Well, we take our work seriously, but we also know how to have fun. On any given day, you’ll be testing the hottest cord-cutting products, creating rich resources, or engaging with our fast-growing community of readers. And when the day is done, you’ll rest easy knowing you connected people with real-life solutions. It’s time to get paid for your passion. Become a pioneer in the world of cord cutting today.

The Cherry On Top.

The well-being of our employees is at the core of everything we do (and we hope it shows).
Here’s how we prioritize our team’s health and happiness:

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