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Why Would You Cancel Cable?

Why would you cancel cable? It's a move that a lot of people are making lately, but it's scary to some of us. Cable is expensive, but familiar. Streaming services seem more complicated, and we're afraid that we might lose access to our favorite programs.

The reality is that cutting the cord empowers viewers, saves money, and won't cost you access to most programs. And when you see how the evidence stacks up, you might start to ask a different question: why wouldn't you cancel cable?

Pay Less for Your Content

Cable prices have gone through the roof, and cutting the cord can net you some serious savings. According to the FCC, cable subscribers paid an average of $66.61 per month as of January 2014. And it's only getting worse: cable prices have risen by an average of 5.9% a year over the previous decade. That's way worse than price inflation in general, which the Bureau of Labor Statistics pegs at only 2.4% over the past 19 years. So cable prices are going up faster than inflation. Yikes!

But how do cable replacement services like Netflix stack up? Pretty well, it turns out. You can get Netflix for just $7.99 a month. Throw in Sling TV (which offers channels like ESPN, TNT, and AMC) for $20 and CBS All Access for $5.99, and you've effective replaced your cable with the same services at just $33.98 per month. Using the average cable price, that means that cord cutters save $32.63 a month, every single month – for total savings of nearly $400 a year.

Watch What You Want, When You Want

Because so many streaming services offer video on demand, cord cutters don't have to let the cable companies set their schedules. While cable users flip through the channels and complain that nothing is on, cord cutters can navigate right to their favorite shows. Play and pause whenever you feel like it – Netflix, Hulu, and their competitors run on your schedule, not the cable channels'.

It's not just when shows play, but which shows play. With most streaming services, you can choose a list of favorites, get suggestions based on ratings for programs, and hide shows and movies that don't interest you. The same benefits apply to streaming services for specific content. Don't like baseball? Just don't subscribe, and you'll never have to flip past the channel with the ballgame again – much less pay for it!

Another Selling Point: Less Selling

If you're paying for cable, then why are there commercials? Streaming services get their revenue from your subscriptions, and many of them reward you by banning the commercials. That means that your viewing time is completely uninterrupted. So when do you get a snack or use the restroom? Well, whenever you want – streaming services are on demand, so just hit pause and take a break whenever you'd like.

The end of commercials can also help limit your spending. That benefit adds even more savings to the already cheaper cord cutting options.

Plus, skipping the commercials means that you'll never have to hear that really annoying advertising jingle again. The one you can't stand. You know the one we're talking about.

Simplify, Simplify

When your content is streamed over the Internet, you don't need much. You'll need an Internet modem and a router (you have those anyway) and a small device (like a Roku, Chromecast, or Apple TV) to stream the content to your TV. And that's it.

Your DVD player? You don't need it. Cable box? Definitely not. Piles of DVDs? Your VCR? Extra cable boxes in other rooms? Gone, gone, gone. You'll be free of all of that stuff without losing any content, and you can even make some of your money back with a yard sale or eBay (there are those savings again).

Time to Switch

So why should you ditch cable? More savings, more choice, fewer commercials, and less junk. It really is that simple. When you're ready to cut the cord, turn to us for the latest equipment reviews, streaming service updates, tips, and suggestions. We're your source for all things cord-cutting!

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  1. Clarita Samalya says:

    Can I watch all local channel Fox ABC CBS NBC Own BET Starz.Also I have a smart TV So I get hulo Netfix

  2. Diana says:

    Is my cable plug working after direct tv is cut off

  3. Diana says:

    Is my cable plug working after direct tv is cut off How can I tell?

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