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FuboTV and Sling TV have both changed considerably since their introduction a few years ago. The goal of both companies is to provide customers with unique entertainment options that allow them to cut the cord with costly cable and satellite companies. Both have similarities and differences that for some users will be deal-breakers. FuboTV and Sling TV are well-known in the entertainment industry, FuboTV more for its soccer and sports bundles and Sling TV for its live streaming capabilities.

FuboTV vs Sling TV: The Similarities

Neither FuboTV or Sling TV require long-term contracts. Both offer short-term trial periods and limit the number of devices that can stream channels at the same time. Both offer multiple plans that allow you to customize the type and number of channels you get and are capable of using at the same time. FuboTV and Sling TV also offer “on-Demand” channels aside from the live streaming channels they offer in many of their packages. Each company also offers mobile apps that allow you to watch your favorite shows on the go.

Sling TV vs FuboTV: The Differences

FuboTV originally started out as a bundle specifically geared toward soccer fans, while Sling TV has always been more into general entertainment. Sling TV does offer several sports packages, however, FuboTV offers more sports channels overall. Another big difference is the pricing. Sling TV is much more affordable in terms of their monthly packages. Sling TV also offers ESPN while Fubo TV doesn't. FuboTV's advantage is that it offers more of the cable apps than Sling TV and also offers more recording features as well.

Costs & Monthly Plans

FuboTV has two main plans with Latino and Portugues add-on packages. The Fubo has 75+ channels and allows for 2 simultaneous streams for $44.99 month. Fubo Extra is $49.99 and offers 90+ channels and two live streams. The Latino add-on (13 channels) costs $17.99 a month and the Portugues add-on (5 channels) $19.99. Both Fire TV and Roku platforms are supported. They also offer a 7-day free trial with all packages being on a month-to-month payment plan.

Sling offers three plans. Sling Orange costs $25 per month and includes 30+ channels with 1 live stream. Sling Orange includes ESPN, Fire TV, and Roku platforms. Sling Blue also costs $25 per month and includes 40+ channels with 3 live streams. The Blue plan does not include ESPN but offers Fire TV and Roku support. The final option is a combination of the first two. Sling Orange + Blue costs $40 a month and includes 50+ channels and over 4 simultaneous streams. This plan also includes ESPN, Fire TV, and Roku support. All three plans include a free Roku deal. There are no long-term contracts. Customers receive a 7-day free trial.

Original Series

FuboTV doesn't have any “original series” to its credit, but it does have an extensive library of movies, documentaries, and television shows to choose from.

Sling TV does not offer any “original series” of its own. It does, however, allow you to watch original series options for channels like the History Channel, AMC, and A & E.

New Releases

FuboTV still offers the most sports channels even without being able to provide ESPN. The newest feature they offer is the iOS app.

Sling TV now offers nine of the Discovery networks. This includes Discovery Channel, TLC, and Investigation Discovery, in addition to several new Spanish-language channels.

Live TV

FuboTV offers 34 TVE websites and apps for the following networks, CBS, NBC, CBSN and Fox Now. They offer MSNBC and CNBC news networks. They offer most of the popular channels in the Lifestyle and Entertainment genres as well. FuboTV offers over 20 sports channels. The only one that isn't unlocked is ESPN.

Sling TV unlocks 17 TVE websites and apps, including NBC, Fox Now, MSNBC, CNBC, ESPN, and NBC Sports. They also offer the NFL Network and Nat Geo TV. There are no Lifestyle channels and only a few in the Entertainment genre.


FuboTV is an excellent choice if you want a wide variety of channels as well as an extensive list of sports channels in multiple languages.

Sling TV is a good choice if you would rather have more affordable packages and basic programming without all of the sports.

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  1. Jeff says:

    If MLB.TV would do away with the blackouts I would purchase every year to get my Indians. The DirecTV RSN fees keep going up and up. Again in Jan.

  2. Rich says:

    I live in the DC area and am a Washington Nationals fan. The maddening thing about exploring the cord-cutting options is that the RSN that carries Nats games (MASN) isn’t available for streaming at all. You have to jump through hoops involving using a VPN or similar service to mask your location with in order to circumvent the blackouts. If MLB could take over the RSNs and require a streaming option to be available, it’d be a big improvement.

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