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A great cable replacement with everything from sports to news
9.1 / 10  Review Rating

If you’re worried that cutting the cord and saying goodbye to cable means giving up your beloved live TV channels, we’re here to tell you that’s far from the truth. You can still catch all your favorite content live with the help of different streaming services — services like fuboTV. But what is fuboTV? How much does fuboTV cost? Where can you sign up, and how can you cancel it? We’ve got all the answers below!

What is fuboTV?

fuboTV is a “multichannel” service, which means that — just like cable — it offers a bundle of live TV channels. But fuboTV isn’t a cable service, and it’s not satellite, either. It’s something else.

fuboTV belongs to a group of streaming services that are designed to beat cable at its own game. Known as “skinny bundles” or simply as live TV streaming services, these services exist to fill the live TV void for cord-cutters. They offer cable-like bundles of channels with slimmed-down prices. Unlike cable, skinny bundles stream over the internet: you can watch fuboTV on your smartphone, Apple TV, Roku, or Fire TV Stick. It's also a little cheaper than cable and doesn't have any of those awful long-term contracts attached to it. In short, these services let you watch live TV without cable.

fuboTV launched in 2015 with a heavy emphasis on soccer channels but has long since expanded into all genres of TV. fuboTV is for all TV fans now, not just sports fans (though it still has some extra features for those of us who love live sports).

Still have questions? We can help. Let's dive into the details of fuboTV.

What Can I Watch on fuboTV?

There is plenty of content to get excited about with fuboTV. Some streaming services, like Netflix, are all about “on-demand” content — meaning movies and TV shows that you can start and stop whenever you feel like it. fuboTV has some of that as well, but the real appeal here is the live TV. Like cable or satellite (and unlike Netflix), fuboTV has familiar and popular cable networks like AMC, E! and HGTV. fuboTV is a great way to watch Bravo without cable or stream ESPN online. Remember, it’s a “skinny bundle” — a streaming service that acts like a cheaper, commitment-free version of cable.

fuboTV - Roku Channel Change
fuboTV – Roku Channel Change

Although when it first launched, fuboTV was dubbed the “Netflix of Soccer”; since then it has evolved into a more encompassing streaming service with a really impressive channel selection — something that we raved about in our fuboTV review. You'll find all kinds of channels here, including movie channels, sports channels, news channels, music channels, and more. There are even local channels and regional sports networks (coverage for those varies, so be sure to check out fuboTV's website to track down your local and regional networks).

  • Discovery Channel
  • Disney Channel
  • E!
  • ESPN
  • ESPN2
  • ESPN3
  • Food Network
  • Fox
  • Fox News Channel
  • FS1
  • FX
  • HGTV
  • Lifetime
  • MTV
  • NBC
  • OWN
  • Oxygen …and more!


fuboTV - Browser Sports Menu
fuboTV – Browser Sports Menu

There is also a wonderful variety of channels under the Latino Quarterly bundle, including:

  • beIN Sports En Español
  • Discovery en Español
  • Discovery Familia
  • El Gourmet
  • ESPN Deportes HD
  • FOX Deportes
  • Galavisión
  • GolTV Spanish
  • National Geographic Mundo
  • TyC Sports
  • Univision
  • Zona Futbol and much more!


Check out fuboTV's full channel list here.

fuboTV has something for everyone, but it's particularly well-known for its sports channels. Those who enjoy following all the action taking place in the MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL will be thrilled with the comprehensive sports coverage that fuboTV offers, including all the big national channels, like ESPN and FS1. fuboTV also has regional sports networks (coverage varies). Some competitors can match these, but fuboTV really distinguishes itself as the best streaming service for sports fans by adding lots of lesser-known sports networks and even creating a few of its own live sports channels. These more niche channels really open up the sports coverage: You'll be able to watch foreign soccer leagues, lots of tennis, cycling races, and even horse racing.

fuboTV - Browser DVR
fuboTV – Browser DVR

fuboTV is focused on live TV, but it has some on-demand content, too. The on-demand content on fuboTV is pulled from recently aired TV. That gives you a lot of options for shows and movies to watch.

You can also create your own on-demand content by using fuboTV's cloud DVR feature. (If you're craving a more traditional on-demand experience, you may want to check out services like Netflix and Disney Plus, which are focused on on-demand content instead of live TV.)

What Devices Can I Use With fuboTV?

fuboTV has an app for all of the major streaming platforms, and it works great on mobile devices and in web browsers, too. You'll have lots of options for getting fuboTV up onto your favorite streaming screen.

Streaming platforms and devices

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Android TV with Android OS 5.0 or higher
  • Apple TV 4th generation or higher
  • Chromecast
  • Roku Model 3600X or higher
  • Samsung Smart TVs
  • Xbox

Mobile devices

  • Android
  • iOS


  • In-browser app

Remember, services like fuboTV and platforms like Fire TV are different things that work together. A Roku Ultra or Amazon Fire TV Stick acts as a portal to all of your favorite streaming apps, and fuboTV is one app you can choose to add to your device. You can log into fuboTV on multiple devices, and everything is connected by your account. This means you can watch your favorite channel on your Fire TV and then switch to watching it on your iPad, and can also access all of your DVR recordings from any device you're using fuboTV on — even if you scheduled the recordings on a different device.

The only real limit to worry about is how many devices you can stream on at the exact same time. The limit is three, but you can upgrade that to 10.

fuboTV supports streaming in up to 4K video, but not every channel is available in 4K. In fact, most top out at 1080p. You can adjust the video quality as you watch. Watching with a crisper picture will require a faster internet speed and will consume more data than watching in low quality would.

fuboTV - iOS TV Guide
fuboTV – iOS TV Guide

How Much Does fuboTV Cost?

fuboTV has a few different options built into its pricing scheme. You can start out with the basic English-language bundle called the “Starter” plan with 115 channels, or you can upgrade to the “Elite” plan which includes more channels as well as quadruple the cloud DVR storage space (1,000 hours instead of 250). There is also a Spanish-language plan, Latino Quarterly, aimed at Spanish speakers featuring 32 channels including Discovery en Español and the sports fan favorite ESPN Deportes.

Starter Elite Latino Quarterly
115 channels – 130+ events in 4K 162 channels – 130+ events in 4K 32 channels – with 100+ sporting events
Cloud DVR with 250 hours of space Cloud DVR with a 1,000 hours of space Cloud DVR with 250 hours of space
Family Share – 3 screens at once Unlimited Screens – 10 streams at home Family Share – 3 screens at once
$64.99/mo $79.99/mo $33/mo

That's the simple part: One small plan, one larger plan (and one Spanish-language plan). But fuboTV also lets you customize your bundle by adding on extra channels and features. For example, “Sports Plus with NFL RedZone” adds (you guessed it) more sports channels, including NFL RedZone. This is somewhat similar to how fuboTV’s competitor Sling TV works.

fuboTV - iOS Video Playback Sports
fuboTV – iOS Video Playback Sports

Deals on fuboTV

fuboTV is a solid value, but we're always looking out for discounts and deals. As of this writing, fuboTV's base price is the best one available. By keeping tabs on our fuboTV deals page and our social media pages, you’ll be sure to learn about any discounts.

fuboTV - Browser Show Page
fuboTV – Browser Show Page

One great deal that fuboTV offers pretty consistently is their free trial offer — so let's talk about that next.

How to Get a fuboTV Free Trial

If you're not ready to commit just yet, good news: fuboTV offers a free trial. Just head to fuboTV's website to sign up. The trial is available to new subscribers of the Starter or the Latino Quarterly plans (as of this writing, it does not include the Elite package). Click the “Start free trial” button on the website to create an account. If you cancel during the free trial period, you'll be off the hook — it's totally risk-free. If you keep your account, you'll be billed for your first month after the seven days are up.

fuboTV Contracts

Cable and satellite services sometimes try to rope us into long-term contracts, but live TV streaming services like fuboTV don't. You can cancel fuboTV at any time, and you'll never be billed again. You'll still have access to fuboTV until the end of the month that you last paid for.

How to Cancel fuboTV

Need to know how to cancel fuboTV? No problem.

First, you'll need to figure out where and how you signed up for it. If you went right to the source and signed up on fuboTV's website, you can go there again to cancel: Just log in on fuboTV's site, click on “My Account,” and then hit “Cancel Subscription.” You'll have to confirm your choice.

If you signed up through Roku, you'll have to cancel with Roku, too. You can either log into Roku's website and find the option in your account, or you can turn on your Roku device and hit the star (*) button while the fuboTV app is highlighted on your main Roku channel menu page. You should see a “Manage subscription” option, which is the one you'll want to select. Things work similarly with other platforms that you can sign up for fuboTV through. Basically, whichever company is billing you is the one to turn to when it’s time to cancel.

More fuboTV and fuboTV alternatives

If you’re ready to get rid of that cable box and continue watching all of your favorite live TV shows streamed over the internet, fuboTV is a great choice. We're experts in services like fuboTV, so turn to us for more coverage and more options! Many of our fuboTV pages are linked right here on this page, and you can find even more by using our search bar. If you're looking for fuboTV alternatives, you may want to compare skinny bundle options and consider Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, Philo, and others. As a cord-cutter, you have lots of ways to watch what you want without cable!