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Netflix's subscribers aren't totally enamored of its user interface, which some feel doesn't offer enough support for content discovery. But if you know how, you can access a ton of hidden genres and categories on Netflix's site, making it way easier to find the content you want!

You're probably familiar with Netflix's categories, which are accessible under the “browse” tab at the top of their homepage. And you probably also know that you can sort these genres further into subgeneres via a drop-down menu on each genre's page.


But Netflix is holding out on you. In reality, they have far more genres than they're letting on. Luckily, you can access them pretty easily – all you have to do is know the codes.

See, all of Netflix's genre pages have similar web addresses: the formula is[number]. For instance, Netflix's “TV Shows” category can be found at

To access all the hidden genres, all you have to do is know which number to swap in at the end of the URL. And lucky for us, a list of all of the genres (including both visible and hidden genres) has been floating around the web for some time. There are over 200 separate categories! Here's the complete list, with each genre linked:

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