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HockeyStreams and BallStreams have indeed been shut down. Pinging the URLs returns: “ping: unknown host” and “ping: unknown host”.

The start of hockey season is just days away, but fans hoping to use HockeyStreams to catch the action may be out of luck. Visitors to the site are greeted with a terse deflection: “HockeyStreams is currently only serving existing members.” The same message can be found on HockeyStreams' sister site, BallStreams.

Over on Reddit's r/hockeystreams, users are complaining that the site is failing to let to renew subscriptions, refer new members, and more. “Did they finally get shut down?” the top post asks.

Users on the HockeyStreams subreddit are in a frenzy over problems with the site
Users on the HockeyStreams subreddit are in a frenzy over problems with the site

Users have long believed that Hockeystreams couldn't be reached by the NHL's lawyers because of its European location. However, savvy streamers will remember that foreign locations haven't helped other streaming services. Warner Bros. lawyers chased the original Popcorn Time out of the business, and related websites have been shut down in the Netherlands and elsewhere.

Here is everything we know so far about the developing situation at HockeyStreams and its partner site, BallStreams:

  • Hockeystreams and Ballstreams are currently accepting “only existing members.”
  • The option to create new accounts through the Hockeystreams referral system is working for some, but not for many others.
  • A Reddit user who created several new accounts for other users through Hockeystreams' referral system was stopped by Hockeystreams and told “Please stop creating accounts for people. We operate an invite-only basis for a reason.”
  • Several users have reported that they can't access the billing section of the page, leaving them unable to renew existing accounts.
  • At least one user reported that the site itself went down briefly, though apparently their web host, CloudFlare, was having more general problems.
  • Admins on Reddit's r/ballstreams believe the issue is limited to the billing system only, citing communication with the BallStreams staff.

It's certainly starting to look like HockeyStreams and BallStreams are on the ropes. We'll keep you up to date on any developments.

6 thoughts on “Are HockeyStreams and BallStreams Being Shut Down?

  1. PJ Mac says:

    All tabs on the HockeyStreams site are non-functional. My account was set to auto-renew Sept 30, but did not. I got an email saying my account had expired. I responded with a request to renew, but received my no reply. Sent another email several days later asking for renewal – no response after 3 days so far. Site allows me to login, but shows me as a “non-premium” member and there are no games showing as available. Email and contact us tabs are also no working.

  2. Aaron says:

    I was really hoping to renew today for the start of the season. Looks like I’ll have to pay for NHL gamecenter live and a VPN to avoid all the damn blackouts. At least for this month.

  3. matt says:

    PJ Mac and Aaron, I had the same issue with Hockeystreams. My account was set to auto renew on Oct. 7th and it didn’t, I’ve sent about 10 emails and no response. I’m assuming we wont hear anything from them and until we do, looks like we can’t watch hockey.

    Aaron – how can you watch all the games and avoid blackouts? You said something about a VPN, how do you do that?

  4. says:

    Matt, if you buy a VPN service, you can change the location of your IP address. For instance, you may be in Los Angeles, but by connecting to a remote VPN server, you can appear to connect to the Internet from, say, New York.

  5. chris says:

    The only option left for a decent stream would be to pony up the $20 for a month of NHL gamecentre.
    I am currently using this since HS and BS are down. I use as my vpn, it works via DNS on my PS3 and MAC… It will work with any device, service is 5.00 a month and you can get a free week trial.

  6. John Doyle says:

    You can get around this pretty easily now at /r/nbastreams.

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