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Major League Baseball holds a special place in the hearts of many sports fans. One way to watch your favorite team is via MLB.TV, a streaming service that’s been around so long that it’s set a few industry standards. But do you need to pay for MLB.TV, or can you get a free trial? Keep reading and we’ll tell you what you need to know about MLB.TV and free trials.

Does MLB.TV have a free trial?

As of this writing, MLB does not offer a free trial directly through its website. The only way we found a free trial is by going through Amazon Prime Video Channels, and that requires an Amazon Prime Video subscription. If you aren’t an Amazon Prime member, you won’t be able to try MLB.TV before deciding if you want to pay for it.

This is disappointing for baseball fans, but it’s not a huge surprise. MLB.TV is a well-established sports streaming service. While some streaming services offer free trials pretty much year-round, MLB.TV only offers them at certain times. The people in charge may not feel like it makes much sense to offer a free trial during, for instance, the baseball playoffs. There’s a reason for that, and we’ll get into it below.

All isn’t lost, though. There’s a smaller-scale way to test the service out. That comes via the MLB.TV Free Game of the Day. In the regular season, there’s a free game available for streaming almost every day. Just go to the live streaming schedule to find it, then start watching.

How long is the MLB.TV free trial?

If you’re an Amazon Prime Video member, you can get a three-day free trial of MLB. TV. If you aren’t, then you’ll either have to sign up or go without.

If three days doesn’t feel like much, that’s because it’s less than usual. Most streaming services who offer free trials opt to give customers one week of free content before charging their credit card.

Does MLB.TV bill you automatically after the free trial?

You will get billed automatically after the free trial. But since you have to sign up for the free trial by going to Amazon, you’ll also have to pay for it through Amazon. In other words, you aren’t giving your money directly to MLB.TV like you would if you went through MLB’s website.

You don’t, however, need to give MLB your credit card information to watch MLB’s Free Game of the Day. You just watch it or not watch it, then go on your merry way.

What does MLB.TV cost after the free trial?

How much does a regular season MLB package cost? In 2020, it was $121.99 for a 60-game season. If you only wanted to watch a single team, it would have cost you $93.99. While the full package offered both monthly and annual payment options, the single team package required you to pay all at once.

The postseason package costs $24.99. For the entire postseason, that might sound like a good deal, but there’s a catch: You have to authenticate through your pay TV provider before you can watch any of the playoffs. And the list of acceptable providers is mostly full of traditional cable companies, though we’re glad to see that YouTubeTV is one of the options.

Even then, you can only watch games aired by Fox, FS1, TBS, and MLB.TV. So if a game is on ESPN or ESPN2, you won’t be able to watch it through the MLB.TV postseason package. You should also know that the World Series is exclusive to Fox, which many viewers can get via over-the-air TV.

MLB.TV is built more for the regular season than the playoffs, so we recommend getting an MLB.TV free trial early in the season.

Do I have to sign a contract with MLB.TV?

Good news: There are no contracts with MLB.TV, at least not in the traditional sense. But if you decide to cancel halfway through your billing period, you should know that you can’t get a partial refund. That’s not a major problem if you’re doing the monthly plan and only have a week or two left, but it can really hurt you if you’re paying for the annual plan and decide to cancel.

How do I cancel MLB.TV?

Cancelling MLB.TV is easier than booing the Houston Astros in 2020 (apologies to any Astros fans reading this). You can do it all online. To learn more, hit up our How to Cancel MLB.TV page.

What else should I know about MLB.TV?

Like we said above, MLB.TV works better as a regular season streaming service. It works especially well if you’re an out-of-market fan, since there are blackout restrictions that keep local regular season games from airing on MLB.TV.

To put it another way, a Seattle Mariners fan living in Omaha, Nebraska, is going to get more out of the service than a Seattle Mariners fan living in Tacoma (although we know that right now, life is hard for Seattle Mariners fans anywhere). You can read up on why blackout restrictions exit by going to our main MLB.TV page.

In the future, it's possible that MLB.TV will once again offer a free trial through its website rather than through Amazon. If that happens, we’ll be sure and let you know about it, so make sure to bookmark We’ve also got a social media presence; feel free to follow us there as well.

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