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Grogu and The Mandalorian together in the snow in front of the ship
Grogu and The Mandalorian in “The Mandalorian” (Image: Disney Plus)

There’s no denying that Disney is behind some of the most memorable scenes ever shown on the big screen. Think of “The Lion King,” for example, when Mufasa falls to his death, or when Elsa sings “Let It Go” in “Frozen” – you know the one. And now that Disney has its own online streaming service, the enchanting company is producing even more unforgettable content.

Disney Plus offers a wide range of original movies and TV shows that attract people of all ages. No one is too old for a Disney production, which is why we’re recommending some of the best things you can currently watch on the platform – ranked according to IMDb ratings.


Note: IMDb rankings change daily, so this article may not reflect what’s currently on the IMDb page.

Seventh Place: ‘Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings’ - 6.7

A bride-to-be holding out her hand, showcasing her wedding ring while her fiancé kisses her cheek
Disney Plus offers great TV shows that provide a “happily ever after” for the whole household.(Image: Disney Plus)

Disney is an incredibly popular wedding theme for newlyweds all over the country – and now Disney Plus is bringing those stories to the small screen. “Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings” is exactly what it sounds like: viewers watch the preparations behind the one-of-a-kind weddings and proposals that happen in Disney’s various theme parks around the world.

Lin-Manuel Miranda was involved with this project, which released its last season in 2020 after three years on the air. It’s one of the many shows in which Disney engages with its loyal fans and gives them a special, unique treatment.

Sixth Place: ‘Marvel’s Hero Project’ - 6.8

A young girl stands before a podium and confidently addresses her audience.
“Marvel’s Hero Project” features the leaders of tomorrow. (Image: Disney Plus)

This is one of those shows that had potential and deserved another season. The 30-minute episodes of each show focused on the young superheroes that are present in our everyday life: a blind football player who leads his high school’s football team to victor; a young leader who feeds the homeless in his community; and a boy with a hearing aid who makes sure those less fortunate have access to them.

As inspiring and heartfelt as any other Disney production, “Marvel’s Hero Project” is a celebration of tomorrow’s future leaders. After watching young people rise to the occasion and take steps to make their communities better, you can’t help but feel hopeful about the future. You also realize it doesn’t take much to make a difference, and that we all can make an impact on someone else’s life.

Fifth Place: ‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’ - 7.1

A group of students dances in the middle of what seems to be a high school cafeteria.
The popular “High School Musical” franchise is back in series form and with a new cast. (Image: Disney Plus)

Fans of the original “High School Musical” movies spent years wishing for another installment of the franchise, and Disney Plus delivered with a TV series that’s currently on its third season. The story takes place at the familiar East High School but with a new generation of students who live up to their predecessors’ legacy.

The show chronicles the lives of high school students as they explore themes of friendship, love, and the general pressures that come with those complicated years. The show is very meta and self-referential – it’s truly a beautiful production that makes you feel part of something larger. Get yourself a streaming device and start watching, singing, and dancing along!

Fourth Place: ‘The World According to Jeff Goldblum’ - 7.7

Jeff Goldblum sitting on the floor with his legs crossed while talking to locals
Jeff Goldblum is always up for an adventure. (Image: Disney Plus)

Jeff Goldblum is in this – do we need to say more? This is a documentary series that covers every conceivable topic as experienced by the celebrated actor himself. Tune in and watch Goldblum explore the history and cultural production around video games, Bigfoot, and fireworks.

The show is as educational as it is entertaining. Goldblum is joined by the best guests – influencers, field experts, and so on – in each episode and gives us a unique perspective that will change how you see the world around you.

Third Place: ‘Stars Wars: The Clone Wars’ - 8.4

Ahsoka Tano prepares for battle while looking defiantly at her opponent.
“Star Wars: The Clone Wars” features strong female leads. (Image: Disney Plus)

A hit show almost since it launched in 2008, “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” showcase the forces of the familiar Republic as they battle against the Separatists. The series is computer-animated and settles long-held mysteries about the intervening years between the “Episode II: Attack of the Clones” and “Episode III: Revenge of the Sith” prequel movies.

The series features both old and new characters such as Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ahsoka Tano, and, of course, the one and only Yoda. Disney Plus distributed the last and seventh season, which earned a 100 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Second Place: ‘The Mandalorian’ - 8.7

 An infant Yoda stares curiously up to the heavens.
“The Mandalorian” has introduced audiences to Grogu, previously referred to as “Baby Yoda.” (Image: Disney Plus)

“The Mandalorian” picks up almost right where the Stars Wars movies left off in “Return of the Jedi.” This is Disney Plus’ first live-action series, and it features the story of a lone bounty hunter as he travels around the galaxy protecting some very precious cargo.

Widely praised by critics and even nominated for an Emmy, “The Mandalorian” reinvigorates the genre of the Western and puts a fun, intergalactic twist on the concept of the Wild West. A fourth season has already been approved even before the third season will be released early next year in 2023. That’s the power of the force.

First Place: ‘The Imagineering Story’ - 8.9

Disney engineers working on a new prototype using an iPad
“The Imagineering Story” takes viewers to Disney locations all over the globe.

This is simply a must for every Disney fanatic out there. “The Imagineering Story” is a short documentary that gives you an insider’s look into the machinations and process of designing Disney’s famous theme parks.

Narrated by the fabulous Angela Bassett and created by the Academy Award-nominated Leslie Iwerks, “The Imagineering Story” is good television. It’s particularly noteworthy because Disney has always enjoyed an air of mystery and magic – until now.

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