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Netflix is an international company, and that means that they have to juggle a lot of different streaming deals in a lot of different countries. The streaming giant has been working to expand catalogs overseas, though their U.S.-based catalog remains the largest of their 241 different libraries.

Worldwide, Netflix has the rights to 13,612 titles – but they only have the rights to each of those titles in certain countries. That means that each of Netflix's individual libraries is much smaller than 13,612 titles – and some of them are very tiny indeed.

How Does Your Country's Catalog Stack Up?

Using data from our partner site, AllFlicks, we measured the size of each of Netflix's 241 different libraries and then put them in order in the huge graphic below. Some of the countries finish exactly where you'd expect – but others are a bit of a surprise.

The largest library is Netflix's original U.S. library, which weighs in at 5,087 titles (37% of all titles Netflix has the rights to anywhere). That dwarfs the smallest library, Sudan's, which offers a mere 908 titles.

In between are 239 other countries, each with a slightly different library. Martinique takes a surprising second place and leads a group of Caribbean nations that dominate the top part of the list. European nations tend to top out at under 3,000 titles, noticeably fewer than most countries in the Americas. Middle Eastern, Asian, and African countries are even more under-served.

You can check out the complete (and very long) list below. Countries are listed in order from the largest catalog to the smallest. You can also check out a searchable PDF version here.

Netflix Catalogs

Accessing More Than One Netflix Library

Netflix's catalog is divided the way it is because streaming rights are sold separately for separate markets. That means that there's more going on here than just one library being larger than another; the actual titles in each library can be different, too. In other words, a smaller library — like Netflix's U.K. library — can still have titles that are not in a larger one, like Netflix's U.S. library.

Some enterprising Netflix users have found a way to get around this, though. As it turns out, Netflix operates a lot like other apps and websites with different versions for different regions: It checks a user's IP address in order to determine which version to display. Under normal circumstances, this means that a person logging on from the United States will see Netflix's U.S. library, a person from the U.K. will see Netflix's U.K. library, and so on. This means that users can access any library they want, though, as long as they have a way to change their IP address. Users can even change their IP address multiple times, freely moving from one Netflix catalog to another.

And there is at least one very easy way to change your IP address. If you sign up for a VPN service, you'll be able to connect to faraway servers and route your traffic securely through them, effectively hiding your real location and fooling Netflix into showing you another nation's Netflix catalog.

One thought on “How Many Titles Are Available on Netflix in Your Country?

  1. Gaël says:

    It’s really cool that Martinique, Guadeloupe or French Guiana are so high up in this list but a lot of us can’t really enjoy all the content that is given to us. We speak French but a lot of the titles are only available in English, some are also only available in Spanish or Portuguese. I speak English so it’s not really a problem for me, but sometimes I do come across some movies or TV shows that are only available in Spanish or Portuguese.

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