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YouTube TV vs Sling TV

Last updated: October 14, 2021

Starts at $72.99/mo
Starts at $40.00/mo

YouTube TV and Sling TV are popular choices for anyone who wants to eliminate the high cost of cable but still have quality programming options. Neither company requires a contract and you don't have to pay any reconnect fees if you turn your service off for a few months. Sling TV offers two options that can be purchased individually. They also offer a third option that combines the previous two and makes the package more comparable to that offered by YouTube TV. While neither one offers original programming, their live and on-demand packages offer a lot of the most popular channels available on cable, including premium movie and sports options.


One of the best features of YouTube TV and Sling TV is that they both offer HD resolution (1080p). Subscriptions are paid on a month to month basis with no service fees or reconnect fees if you discontinue your programming and then start it up again later. Both offer sports and news channels, as well as local options. While Sling TV offers two smaller packages, YouTube offers a free version that includes a large library of video clips, music videos, and podcasts. Both services can be accessed from anywhere that has a strong internet connection and viewed on almost any device.


A major difference between the services is the price. Sling TV offers two packages at 40% their original pricing for $15 ($25 normally) each and a combination package for $25 ($40 normally) a month, which is almost 50% less than the cost of YouTube TV's live streaming package. With YouTube TV you get over 70 channels with their main package with the option to add news, sports, and local channels. Sling's Orange plan has 32 channels, the Blue offers 47 and the Sling Complete package has a total of 53. You can also add additional sports, premium movies, and other packages to customize your order. For Sling TV to pick up local channels, you will need to have one of their HD antennas.

Costs & Monthly Plans

YouTube TV charges $64.99 a month for its live streaming service, unlimited DVR storage, and 6 user accounts (only three of these accounts can be streaming simultaneously, however). You can also add movie and sports channels as well for an additional monthly charge.

Sling TV offers the Orange and Blue packages for $35 a month each or $50 for both. Sling TV also offers a range of add-on packages called “Extras.” For $5 per month and up, these add bonus channels in chunks, making it easier to customize your live TV experience.

Watching Live TV on YouTube TV vs. Sling TV

YouTube TV includes cable channels such as Fox Sports, HGTV, TNT, CNN, Disney, AMC, ESPN, with many premium sports and movie channels that can be added. These include Showtime, Starz, and Fox Soccer Plus.

Sling TV offers a wide selection of channels depending on which of the packages you choose. TNT, TBS, USA, Cartoon Network, the History Channel, Viceland, the Food Network IFC, and TLC. You can also add several premium channels as well. This includes both premium movie and sports offerings.

Summary: YouTube TV vs Sling TV

YouTube TV is a good choice if you aren't picky about having multiple options. Their unlimited DVR offer and high-definition video quality are great selling points. Plus, you can watch from anywhere. You also get 6 accounts per membership and can stream live on three devices.

Sling TV offers three options to choose from as well as the ability to stream your channels on almost any type of device. With the additional package options, it's a great choice if you want extra football or premium movie channels.

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