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Home to Hollywood’s biggest hits and original series, Cinemax takes the theater experience straight to your home. Loving Cinemax and all of its programs, like “C.B Strike: Lethal White” and “Warrior,” doesn’t have to mean loving cable too. It turns out you don’t actually need cable to watch Cinemax. Instead, just turn on your favorite streaming device, and tune into Cinemax using one of these services.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to stream Cinemax:
  Price Channels Free Trial  
$69.99 - $82.99 85+ none Watch Now
$69.99 - $159.99 140+ 5 days Watch Now
$40 - $60 30+ - 130+ 3 days Watch Now

How to Watch Cinemax Online Without Cable

Believe it or not, you can lose the cables without losing your favorite shows and movies. When you buy a skinny bundle — a streaming service that lets you subscribe and pay for the live network channels you enjoy without all that cable programming fluff — you save not only money but also the time it takes to drive to the theater and sit through 15 minutes of previews. Here's where to watch:

Can I Watch Cinemax on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, or Chromecast?

Knowing that you can use the streaming services listed above to watch Cinemax is only half the battle; you still need to figure out which streaming devices are compatible. You can use these compatible devices to stream Cinemax: Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Chromecast, iOS, Android, and your web browser.

Most Popular Shows on Cinemax

Cinemax is the gift that keeps on giving. Yes, the network mainly offers movies, but that doesn’t mean its content is all the same. Some of the varied material you can find on Cinemax includes the following shows:

  • “The Knick”
  • “Quarry”
  • “Outcast”
  • “Hunted”
  • “Strike Back”

More to Stream for Fans of Cinemax

Cinemax is a popular network for a reason: It offers great titles of all genres for all kinds of people. But that doesn’t mean Cinemax should be your only choice. Epix is like Cinemax, but it offers more TV series, a great option if you want a break between movies. Epix original titles such as “Britannia” and “Billy the Kid” feature stories full of adventure that make for great entertainment. The network also hosts historical dramas for all the history nerds out there. If any of this sounds interesting, visit our guide on watching Epix without cable for more details.

If you want more of the exclusive, top-notch content Cinemax is known for, look at Max. The network carries a wide assortment of TV shows and movies. Shows like “The Gilded Age” and “Minx,” for example, showcase strong female leads. If you like John Oliver, you’ll be glad to know his show is also available on Max.

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