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The Cooking Channel plus a pricey cable contract is a recipe for disaster. Balance your TV diet by cutting cable and using the newer and more efficient methods to watch Cooking Channel without cable. While Ali Khan shows you how to save money and eat good meals on “Cheap Eats,” we're here to share the secret ingredients that will save you money and make it easy for you to watch the Cooking Channel. Just follow along step-by-step as we whip up a delightful solution to today's streaming dilemma.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to stream Cooking Channel:
  Price Channels Free Trial  
$69.99 - $82.99 85+ none Watch Now
$69.99 - $159.99 140+ 5 days Watch Now
$74.99 - $94.99 220+ 7 days Watch Now
$40 - $60 30+ - 130+ 3 days Watch Now
$25 60+ 7 days Watch Now

How to Stream Cooking Channel Online Without Cable

Cooking Channel is a “network TV” channel. Different from “broadcast TV” (which can pick up channels over the air using an antenna), network channels like the Cooking Channel are traditionally only available through “multichannel” services. Better known as the services that cable and satellite providers supply.

But just like the ingredients list, we like our livestreaming to have simple terms without all the hidden costs, i.e., skinny bundles.

Skinny bundles are live TV multichannel services, but they have important distinctions from cable and satellite plans. The most notable difference is that skinny bundles deliver their content online – they call it “over the top,” or “OTT,” in industry lingo, but you may know it better as “streaming.”

Now that we understand what sort of services we'll be looking at, we're ready to tackle the subject at hand: how to watch Cooking Channel without cable. Not every skinny bundle will give you a Cooking Channel livestream, but several great ones do, including:

Can I Watch Cooking Channel on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, or Chromecast?

In general, we recommend cooking in a kitchen. But while you can’t necessarily cook wherever you want (don’t try roasting marshmallows in the living room), you can watch Cooking Channel pretty much anywhere on most devices, including Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, gaming consoles, and other mainstream media devices.

Most Popular Shows to Stream on Cooking Channel

The Cooking Channel not only shares great new recipes to try at home but is also a place to travel with Andrew Zimmern as he finds local specialties in “Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations.” There are many classic, and new Cooking Channel shows to enjoy whatever the reason. Don’t know where to start? Here are some local favorites to try:

  • “The Best Thing I Ever Ate”
  • “Carnival Eats”
  • “Man Fire Food”
  • “Burgers, Brew & ‘Que”
  • “Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations”

Other Channels to Stream for Fans of Cooking

The Cooking Channel has both food and travel. We recommend trying out Food Network for those who enjoy all things food. From visiting restaurants and diners to watching Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli battle it out in “Alex vs America,” Food Network has an assortment of shows for everyone to enjoy.

If you enjoy seeing new places and eating food around the world, visit the Travel Channel. You’ll see the inside of mansions on “Mega Mansion” and still get some good eats in “Man v. Food.” And you don’t even need to preheat the oven first!

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  1. Janice Lewis says:

    Signing up for Youtubetv it does not carry Cooking Channel. Can I download a Cooking Channel app on my smart tv ?

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