If you like to pass your time by watching our national pastime, then you're going to want MLB Network. Major League Baseball's official channel is chock full baseball goodness, including live games, recaps, news, talk shows, and more. But if you're a cord cutter, then that means you can't (or won't) get MLB Network through cable or satellite. Where does that leave you? Don't worry: we're here to show you how to watch MLB Network without cable. We have the scoop on the legal services you can use to get your hands on an MLB Network live stream when you need it most.

Below, we'll explain what kind of services we're talking about, how they're different from cable, and why they're so great. Then we'll let you know which specific services of this type are most useful to baseball fans who want to watch MLB Network without cable. Finally, we'll wrap things up by covering what you need to know about platform support – which devices you can use to watch your MLB Network live stream, including which popular streaming boxes are able to get these sweet services up onto the big screen of your favorite TV. So step up to the plate and cut that cord! Here's how to watch MLB Network without cable.

How to Watch MLB Network Online Without Cable

MLB Network is a great channel, but it hasn't always been an easy one to get. MLB Network is available only through pay TV services like cable and satellite. And it used to be that when we said “like cable and satellite,” we meant only cable and satellite.

Fortunately, there are now services out there that can truly be said to be “like cable and satellite” – only, you know, way better. These days, there are other “multichannel” services – industry lingo for services that offer multiple live network television channels – that give you more features for less money than cable or satellite could ever dream of.

We're talking about “skinny bundles,” or live TV streaming services. These revolutionary services are doing for live TV what Netflix once did for on-demand content. They're freeing us of cumbersome cable and allowing us to watch live TV – including MLB Network live streams – wherever, whenever, and however we want.

Skinny bundles are delivered over the internet, and that's a big advantage. It means that skinny bundles can let us stream live TV on devices like our smartphones and tablets – as well as, of course, our smart TVs and TV-connected streaming devices.

And without infrastructure-related monopolies, there is more competition in the skinny bundle space than there is in the cable space. That means more choice for consumers – not to mention lower prices and better service.

Skinny bundles also tend to offer slimmed-down channel packages that aren't as full of fluff as the ones cable and satellite companies offer. By trimming the fat, skinny bundles can further lower prices.

All of this helps make skinny bundles a great way to watch network television channels without cable. Not every skinny bundle includes MLB Network in its lineup, of course. But we did call this article “How to Watch MLB Network Without Cable,” so you probably know that we're not planning to send you home empty-handed! There are some great skinny bundles that will give you an MLB Network live stream, and we've listed the ones that we trust below. Check them out, sign up for some free trials, and start watching MLB Network without cable!

PlayStation Vue

Watch MLB Network without cable: PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue, like some other skinny bundles, organizes its content into tiers. You can grab an entry-level suite of channels by signing up for PlayStation Vue's “Access” bundle, but you can also choose to pay more and start climbing to higher tiers. Each beefier bundle adds more content while still including all of the channels that its smaller counterparts do. It's the second-smallest of PlayStation Vue's bundles, called “Core,” that brings MLB Network to the table for the first time. The $44.99-per-month Core bundle and each of the two PlayStation Vue bundles larger than it all form great solutions to the dilemma of how to watch MLB Network without cable.

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YouTube TV

Watch MLB Network without cable: YouTube TV

YouTube TV is Google's take on the skinny bundle service. As of this writing, it's in the midst of a region-by-region rollout – you can click the link below to see whether or not it's available in your area right now. If it is, you'll find that it's a great solution to the problem of how to watch MLB Network without cable. Tucked right into YouTube TV's basic bundle is an MLB Network live stream. That means you can watch MLB Network without cable on YouTube TV for just $40 per month – and that's after you enjoy the service's week-long free trial. To snag that free trial offer, just click on the link below.

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DirecTV Now

Watch MLB Network without cable - DirecTV Now

AT&T-owned DirecTV Now is a strong skinny bundle option. It offers a range of different bundles at different size and price points, and some of DirecTV Now's options aren't so skinny at all! As your rise to each tier, you'll keep all the channels that you'd get from the smaller options while adding new ones. You'll first spot MLB Network in the “Just Right” bundle, which is DirecTV Now's second-smallest. That bundle will cost you $55 per month. You can check out DirecTV Now for free by clicking on the link below and signing up for the service's free trial offer.

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Can I Watch MLB Network on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, or Chromecast?

So now we know how to watch MLB Network without cable. But do we know how to watch MLB Network without cable on our TVs? After all, when we say we can “watch MLB Network online,” that seems to imply that we're watching on a computer. Can we use Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, and Chromecast devices to watch MLB Network online on our “real” TVs, instead?

We sure can!

PlayStation Vue, YouTube TV, and DirecTV Now each offer apps that work on or with Roku, Apple TV, and Chromecast devices.

Fire TV users can grab either PlayStation Vue or DirecTV Now.

Apple TV users have PlayStation Vue, YouTube TV, and DirecTV Now as their options.

PlayStation Vue, YouTube TV, and DirecTV Now all work well with Chromecast devices.

Users of Android TV – the Google-owned streaming platform that is used on the Nvidia Shield and some Sony smart TVs, among other devices – can choose between PlayStation Vue and YouTube TV.

Of course, this doesn't mean you can't watch MLB Network online on your phone, tablet, or computer. PlayStation Vue, YouTube TV, and DirecTV Now each have apps for iOS and Android mobile devices.

PlayStation Vue, YouTube TV, and DirecTV Now also have in-browser apps for use on your desktop or laptop computer running Windows or Mac OS.

Even video game systems are options here: you can stream PlayStation Vue on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 video game consoles, and you can watch YouTube TV on Xbox One video game consoles.

Put it all together, and you have a ton of different combinations that will let you watch MLB Network online without cable. So why don't you scroll back up and sign up for a free trial or two? You'll be watching your MLB Network live stream in no time at all.