RFD-TV is where rural viewers turn to get TV that matters to them. But cable doesn't have to be the service that you turn to in order to get RFD-TV! We're here to show you how to watch RFD-TV without cable, so that you can save money while still enjoying your favorite shows.

Below, we'll lay out everything you need to know about how to get an RFD-TV live stream and watch RFD-TV online using your Roku, Fire TV Stick, smart TV, or other streaming device. We'll introduce you to a new type of pay TV service that is making it easier than ever to cut the cord, and we'll list the specific services that you can use to stream RFD-TV – including RFD-TV's own standalone streaming service, RFD-TV Country Club. We'll link you to the free trials you can use to watch RFD-TV online free (for a little while, anyway), and we'll talk about the devices you can use to stream RFD-TV. Sound good? Then read on: this is how to watch RFD-TV without cable.

How to Watch RFD-TV Online Without Cable

You can get RFD-TV a few different ways. You already know that you can subscribe to a cable or satellite package, of course – but this article is called “How to Watch RFD-TV Without Cable,” so we're going to ignore those overpriced options.

Our next option is what we call a “skinny bundle.” What is a skinny bundle? In some ways, it's something that feels like cable: a pay TV service that offers you a bunch of live channels in exchange for a monthly fee. But skinny bundles make some major changes to cable's business model, and those changes allow them to be cheaper and better than their old-school competition.

See, skinny bundles stream online – kind of like Netflix, only for live TV. That means you can watch them almost anywhere and on a wide range of devices. Plus, there are no regional monopolies like there are with cable. Competing skinny bundles offer low prices and great features. They also offer slimmer, more cost-effective bundles that don't force you to pay for channels you don't watch (that's where the “skinny bundle” nickname comes from).

There's another way to watch RFD-TV without cable, too: its own subscription service. On the list below, we'll start with skinny bundles and then move on to RFD-TV's own standalone service. After our list, we'll talk about what devices you can use to watch RFD-TV without cable.

DirecTV Now

Watch RFD-TV without cable - DIRECTV NOW

DirecTV Now lets its subscribers choose from a few different skinny bundle options. The different bundles are available at a range of different sizes and price points. The more you pay, the more channels you get. And once a channel appears in a bundle, it sticks around as you climb the price ladder – you'll never lose content by upgrading your bundle.

So where is RFD-TV in this mix? Happily, it's available in all of them. You'll spot it in “Live a Little,” which – at $40 per month – is DirecTV Now's cheapest. As we mentioned, that means it is also available in DirecTV Now's three larger bundles. Pick a bundle and try it out for free for a week by clicking on the link below and signing up for DirecTV Now's free trial offer.

Try DirecTV Now for free

Sling TV

Watch RFD-TV without cable - Sling TV

In theory, skinny bundles make things cheaper by trimming away unwanted channels. But some services may trim away channels you want – like RFD-TV. And others may relegate lesser-known but beloved channels to higher price tiers with bulky, cable-like bundles.

Sling TV has a solution to this problem: they let you build your own skinny bundle. You start by grabbing a base package: your options are “Sling Orange” ($25 per month), “Sling Blue” ($25 per month), or both base packages together (branded as “Sling Orange + Blue,” this option costs $40 per month). From there, you are free to go in just about any direction that you choose using Sling TV's “Extras.” Extras are small add-on bundles that group similar channels together so that you can grab just the stuff you want – more sports, for instance, without having to add home improvement channels or movie channels to get the sports stuff. You'll find RFD-TV in the “Heartland Extra” bundle. Heartland Extra costs $5 per month and can be added to either of the two base bundles.

No matter what sort of skinny bundle you create, you can check it all out for free for a week by signing up for Sling TV's free trial offer. Click the link below to get your hands on that.

Try Sling TV for free

RFD-TV Country Club

“Country Club” is the name of RFD-TV's direct-to-consumer subscription service. Yep, you can watch RFD-TV online without having to subscribe to a single other channel! RFD-TV maintains its own streaming service that shows nothing but RFD-TV content, and that makes it pretty darn affordable to get an RFD-TV live stream. RFD-TV Country Club costs $10 per month or $90 per year (educators can get a half-price discount on the annual rate).

Platform support is a little limited for RFD-TV Country Club right now (it's only available in your browser, though the in-browser app works on mobile devices, too; we'll talk more about platform support for all of these services in just a bit). But it's a great way to get RFD-TV and nothing but RFD-TV at a very attractive price point. You can check it out by clicking on the link below.

Check out RFD-TV Country Club

Can I watch RFD-TV on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, or Chromecast?

RFD-TV belongs on, well, your TV. So while we love watching streaming television without cable on our smartphones and tablets, let start with the good stuff: how to watch RFD-TV without cable on your smart TV or TV streaming device.

Good news! DirecTV Now and Sling TV both offer apps that work on or with Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, and Chromecast devices. Sling TV also has an app for Android TV, which is the streaming platform used on some Sony smart TVs, among other devices.

RFD-TV Country Club has apps that work with Chromecast devices (more on those apps in a moment).

Want to watch on the go? Good news: DirecTV Now and Sling TV have apps for iOS and Android mobile devices. That means you can watch RFD-TV almost anywhere.

Computers are a great option for streaming RFD-TV online, too. You can use a desktop or laptop computer running a major browser to access the in-browser apps offered by DirecTV Now, Sling TV, and RFD-TV Country Club.

Using RFD-TV Country Club's in-browser app on Chrome on a desktop or laptop computer, you can cast the feed to your Chromecast device and get live RFD-TV content on your television (the skinny bundles can work with Chromecast, too, from both their in-browser apps and their mobile apps).

Even Xbox One users are covered! Sling TV has an app for the popular video game console.

Clearly, there is no shortage of ways to watch RFD-TV without cable. So why not scroll back up and check out some free trials? You can watch RFD-TV online free while you decide whether or not you want to stick with your skinny bundle.

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