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Star Wars is one of the most popular media franchises of all time. Every time a new Star Wars film or TV show is slated to come out, fans get fired up — and the latest Star Wars show, The Mandalorian, is no exception. Fans can't wait to see the first live action Star Wars TV series and to witness the story of the mysterious figure in Mandalorian armor — the same armor made famous by fan favorite Boba Fett in the original Star Wars film trilogy. But The Mandalorian won't be on Netflix, nor will it be available on cable — not even on Disney Channel or ABC, both networks owned by Lucasfilm parent company Disney. So how can you watch The Mandalorian online? You may already know, but just in case, you'd better read on.

How to watch The Mandalorian online

This is normally the part of the “How to Watch” page where we list all of the different ways to watch the thing in question, but — as you may already be aware — we're in for a very short list today. Star Wars is owned by Disney, and Disney is preparing to launch a new streaming service that will challenge Netflix for streaming supremacy. It's on that service, and that service alone, that you will find The Mandalorian. Alright, that's enough prologue: Let's get on with our “list.”


Yep, here it is! Disney's new streaming service, Disney+, is your destination for the newest Star Wars story. If you want to stream The Mandalorian, then you'll have to sign up for Disney+. You'll get a whole lot more Star Wars content in addition to The Mandalorian, by the way: Disney+ is also home to almost every Star Wars film and TV show already in existence. Disney plans to bring in the few outliers as soon as some old streaming content contracts expire, making Disney+ the exclusive home to a galaxy far, far away. Going forward, Disney+ is your go-to source for all things Star Wars, including The Mandalorian.

Try Disney+ for free

Can I watch The Mandalorian on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, or Chromecast?

So, you're ready to watch The Mandalorian. You've signed up for Disney+. You've cleared your schedule for the evening. You're ready to go, except for one detail: What are you watching The Mandalorian on?

With Disney+, you'll have some options. Disney+ will launch with support for a bunch of major streaming platforms. Specifically, we're talking here about Roku, Android TV, Apple TV, and (via mobile or desktop) Chromecast.

Not supported is one of the most popular streaming platforms out there: Amazon's Fire TV. Users of Fire TV have been left out of the Disney+ launch festivities, we're afraid, though it wouldn't be all that surprising to see Disney+ add support for that popular platform in the weeks and months following Disney+'s big launch.

Mobile users, you can enjoy Disney+ apps for iOS and Android devices.

Video game systems are supported, too: You can watch The Mandalorian on Xbox One or PlayStation 4, thanks to the Disney+ apps that will be available for both at the time of Disney+'s launch.

Finally, you can always watch The Mandalorian online on your computer: Disney+ will have an in-browser app that you can use.

When is the The Mandalorian release date?

When will you first be able to watch The Mandalorian online? The good news for Star Wars fans is that they won't have to wait long. Disney+ subscribers will be able to start streaming The Mandalorian the moment that Disney+ goes live: The first episode of the much-anticipated Star Wars show will drop on November 12, 2019, which is the same day that Disney+ itself will become available.

Unlike Netflix, Disney+ will not drop entire episodes of its series at once. While the first episode of The Mandalorian will be ready to go on day one, fans will have to wait until the following week for the second episode, another week for the third, and so on.

What will The Mandalorian be about?

The Mandalorian is a Star Wars series, but what else do we know about it?

For one thing, we know that it stars Pedro Pascal as the titular Mandalorian. In Star Wars lore, Mandalorians are from the planet Mandalore (which makes sense, right?). They're recognizable thanks to their iconic armor, which fans will remember Boba Fett sporting in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi; Jango Fett wore a set of it in the prequel movies, too, and Mandalorians have figured into spin-off stories like Star Wars: Rebels. So what's the deal with these Mandalorians? Star Wars canon has established that the Mandalorians are a warlike people who tend to get work as mercenaries and bounty hunters. From what we know about the new show, Pascal's Mandalorian character is no exception: The Mandalorian's protagonist will reportedly be a bounty hunter of questionable morals. Whether that means a gritty anti-hero or a Han Solo-style moral arc remains to be seen!

The Mandalorian will fit into the Star Wars timeline between Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi and Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, but closer to the former than the latter. The story will reportedly take place five years after the fall of the Empire as depicted in Return of the Jedi, and a good 25 years before the events of The Force Awakens.

Pedro Pascal isn't the only star with a role in the new series. Other big names confirmed for the series include Gina Carano, Nick Nolte, Carl Weathers, and Taika Waititi.

That's pretty much all we've got on the series so far — but we'll learn a whole lot more on November 12, when Disney+ and The Mandalorian finally arrive!

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