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Marvel Studios' Marvel movies and TV shows have changed the media landscape in a way that no franchise ever has before. The interconnected stories of Marvel superheroes form the most popular franchise in film-making history, and the craze shows no signs of slowing down: Marvel Studios has announced even more TV shows and movies slated to make their debut in the coming months and years. But where can you stream Marvel movies and TV shows? That's what we're here to discuss, of course, so read on!

Here is our favorite way to stream Marvel movies and TV shows:

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How to watch Marvel movies online

Marvel Studios is owned by Disney, so you can probably see where this list is going. But we're not sticking with a one-item list here! After the expected Disney streaming service, we'll go on to list other options for you to consider as you look to stream Marvel movies, including ways to buy Marvel movies as digital copies and rent Marvel movies for the night. Let's get to the list!

Stream Marvel Studios movies and TV shows for free with Disney+

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No surprises here! Disney's new streaming service is all about bringing home popular franchises like Marvel movies and Star Wars. Disney promises that Disney+ will be the “forever home” of all Marvel Studios content. That includes all future Marvel Studios projects and all the Marvel Studios films that are already out there — or, at least, that's how it will be soon. As of this writing, though, there are still plenty of Marvel Studios flicks out there with existing streaming contracts. Until those contracts expire, those Marvel movies won't come to Disney+ and will remain available on other services. In short, Disney+ will soon be the sole source for Marvel streaming content, but that's not true just yet.

But the future holds big things for Marvel fans with Disney+. Marvel Studios' Phase 4 plan includes some exciting original TV shows, each of which will be exclusive to Disney+. Some of the series are a ways off (the original series Hawkeye, for instance), but they're another good reason for Marvel fans to get fired up about Disney+.

Netflix (for now)

Disney+ is the biggest new rival Netflix has ever had to deal with, and part of what makes the new service so formidable is its arsenal of media properties like Marvel Studios. Netflix will soon be losing Marvel Studios content as old contracts expire and the titles head home to Disney+. But that day isn't here just yet; even now, there are still some high-profile Marvel Studios movies on Netflix (and those same movies are not available on Disney+). For the time being, Netflix remains a must-subscribe service for Marvel Studios fans. But for Netflix fans, Marvel Studios films are a limited-time offer — enjoy them while you can, because they'll soon be heading to Disney+!

Netflix also has some Marvel TV shows. Though there aren't any new episodes coming out — all of Netflix's Marvel shows have been canceled, presumably thanks to the conflicts of interest inherent in Marvel Studios-Netflix collaborations in this new streaming era — all of the existing episodes of shows like Daredevil and Jessica Jones are still available.

Amazon Video (rent or buy)

Amazon's on-demand streaming service doesn't have any Marvel Studios content, but Amazon fans can still use the ecommerce giant's video marketplace to access Marvel Studios films for rent or purchase. Purchase some digital copies of your favorites, and you'll be able to stream Marvel movies from any device with access to the internet and the Amazon Video app.

Apple TV (rent or buy)

The marketplace also known as iTunes (Apple is changing the branding) is another great option for renting or buying Marvel Movies. Apple has been rebranding and consolidating its video streaming holdings (and sorting out a video and music dichotomy), so you may see this video store branded as either iTunes or Apple TV.

Google Play

Google has a video marketplace of its own, and it's another great place to buy digital copies of Marvel movies for your collection or to rent a Marvel movie for a movie night with family or friends.

Can I watch Marvel movies and TV shows on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, or Chromecast?

Disney+ supports the top streaming platforms. You'll be able to stream Marvel movies and TV shows on Roku, Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, and Chromecast using Disney+. Disney+ also works on iOS, Android, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, as well as in your browser on your desktop or laptop computer.

What about the other methods outlined here? Well, it's mostly good news!

Roku fans will have access to Netflix, Amazon Video, and Google Play.

Fire TV fans can use Netflix, Amazon, and Apple TV.

Android TV users can enjoy Marvel movies on Netflix, Amazon Video, and, of course, Google Play.

Apple TV (the device) fans can use Netflix or Apple TV (the marketplace), plus Amazon Video.

iOS users should have no trouble using Netflix, Amazon Video, Apple TV, and Google Play. As of this writing, mobile devices running Android will have access to Netflix, Amazon Video, and Google Play.

Chromecast users should be able to use all of the options above, as long as they can cast from a mobile device or browser running the app.

If you're using a computer, you'll have access to all of these options via downloadable and/or in-browser apps. In other words, there are tons of different ways to watch Marvel movies online or stream Marvel TV shows on all different devices.

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