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Do you believe in Santa? That’s the question millions of children ask each other each year around Christmas time. As they spend time with their friends and talk to one another at school, a tiny seed of doubt spreads from child to child. In a movie focused on finding faith in Christmas for one such child, doubt has fully taken hold.

“The Polar Express” is a touching story about a child who has lost the ability to believe. He reluctantly catches a ride on the Polar Express, a magical train that whisks him and other pajama-clad children off to the North Pole in the dead of night. Along the way, through trials and strange lessons, this young boy learns what it truly means to believe in the spirit of Christmas.

So how do you watch this one-of-a-kind Christmas movie without cable this year? Read on to find out.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to stream ‘The Polar Express':

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How to Stream ‘The Polar Express’ Online

“The Polar Express” is hugely popular with some and a total pass for others. This love or not love feeling toward the movie may be primarily due to dark undertones and surreal animation. If “The Polar Express” is a must-see for you too, here’s where you can find it without cable:

Who Stars in ‘The Polar Express’?

One of the biggest draws to this movie is Tom Hanks, America’s favorite actor, and his multiple roles throughout the film. He has a remarkable ability to transform himself to fit the most demanding roles, and he does not fail to meet expectations, even through digitally animated movies. Here’s a list of other names you’ll find in “The Polar Express”:

  • Tom Hanks as “Hero Boy,” “Father,” “Conductor,” “Hobo,” “Scrooge,” and “Santa Claus”
  • Daryl Sabara as “The Boy”
  • Leslie Zemeckis as “Sister Sarah” “Mother”
  • Eddie Deezen as “Know it All”
  • Peter Scolari as “Billy – Lonely Boy”
  • Nona Gaye as “Hero Girl”

Other Christmas Movies You Should Stream Next

If you’re looking for other Christmas movies along the same theme and with a similar message about the spirit of Christmas as “The Polar Express,” then give the following titles a try:

  • Elf – Elf is a magical journey with a grown man raised as an elf in the North Pole who then travels to find his human father in a primarily innocent and comedic fashion.
  • “It’s a Wonderful Life” – A true classic, this movie reminds us all of what we should indeed be thankful for this holiday season as we watch the main character lose everything and gain much more through the gift of compassion.
  • “Prancer” – A deeply touching story about a girl who nurses an injured reindeer back to health that she believes is one of Santa Claus’s reindeer. The girl helps her father rekindle his faith in Christmas and humanity in the process.
  • “Klaus” – This newer Christmas movie is a heartwarming new take on the Santa origin story that carries rich lessons on what it means to be together as a family and a community.

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